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Title (Goal)Access Rights configurable at all levels
Primary ActorAdministrator
Story (A paragraph or two describing what happens)

A user John, has administrator permissions on the "Theses" collection. He is asked to allow students to submit items to that collection. Therefore, the grants "WRITE" access to the "Students" group in DSpace. Sally, a student which belongs to the "Students" group, is able to submit items to the "Theses" collection from the moment that the policy has been created.

The theses submitted by the students, are read and quotes by the Theses Commission, for which a group exists in the repository. Therefore, John creates a "READ" policy on the "Thesis" collection for the "Theses Commission" group. Members of the group are able to view and download the archived items which reside in the collection from the moment that the policy is created.

Furthermore, a new librarian Jim is appointed to help John manage the repository. Therefore, Jim must be granted the same administrator permissions on the "Theses" collection as John already has. Therefore, John creates a new admin policy for Jim on the "Thesis" collection.