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The newly established DSpace Development Fund supports the development of new features prioritized by DSpace Governance. For a list of planned features see the fund wiki page.






  • Convening efforts to reach out and deeply engage the DSpace community in the aspects of DSpace 7 development. 
  • Next meeting Mar 15: 12:00 PM ET; UTC 17:00, on

Discussion items


Catch-up, Announcements

  • This is an opportunity to share news and information of interest to this or other community groups
  • UI team progress—search and browse development progress has been slow which offers additional time to review use cases
  • No deadline
  • Team is building governance for development
  • No visuals or mock-ups yet; focus on "plumbing"
  • Development order remains unchanged

What are the requirements for creating 3-5 non-functional UI "sketches" to be used in discussing/presenting DSpace 7 development?

  • Would like to establish a spec, what to instruct a designer, in order for them to develop 3-5 sketches-mock-ups-non-working visual designs of screens that would represent aspects of the new UI for use in upcoming presentations and marketing materials.
    • DSpace steering group has approved a small budget for this purpose
  • OR presentation from 2016—working demo presented by Tim Donohue; can this be repurposed?
  • Wouter will ask UI team for requirements
  • Functionality and structure should be shown
  • Clean, well-designed basic template—what would be installed by default
  • Show how use cases are reflected in aspects of visual design
  • Show broad functionality–search page, should be enticing
  • New UI–some of the user base is afraid of losing features, mock-up of homepage could reassure users that features would be there
  • Is there a way to use this process (roll out iterative sketches) to engage the community?
  • We have heard from the community that they are hoping to see
  • 1-2 mock-ups at a time with a feedback loop?
  • Will someone from this group manage a complex communications-feedback-design loop process?
  • Channels for feedback would be the same as those we use to get the word out–lists, social media
  • We need a timeline for this project, Carol

SWAG/logo discussion

  • Last meeting we talked about need for a new logo/DSpace brand before developing SWAG
    • group agreement on need for a new logo
  • Several related aspects
    • web site
    • branding campaign
  • image of DSpace would be renewed along with new UI
  • is a system for distributed development of logo designs–voting, feedback, iterative design
    • Carol to provide more information
  • How will the review/feedback group be comprised?
  • Final approval by the DSpace steering group

Review draft blog post: Message regarding attendance at targeted meetings/conferences

  • Some of these conferences in table have name of presos, all–please update; establish a way to identify people at events
  • "ask me about DSpace 7"—sticker or pin?
  • Carol to develop options
  • Blog post ok to publish

Review use cases related to authentication and authorization

CALL to action: feedback and comments wanted on browse and search edited use cases—add comments anytime

  • Integration - Integration with external authentication / authorisation system
    • single sign-on service integration, how does the user start their sign-on story? clicks login button and should get options;
    • use of parameters regarding the LDAP or shibboleth authentication that could include “role of person” or ORCiD —use of specific parameters, this is a relevant system admin use case
    • more flexibility in the fields we want to see in describing the “ePerson”
    • Add another use case—if we come up with UC that are not currently defined and are not in scope, we can revisit later

Integrations - Authentication through Multiple Mechanisms

  • No comments
  • Comment on process of authentication; how it should be managed in the future—authentication presentation for end users is important—difficult to chose among techie-kind of options for many users, should be more user friendly, non-tech

Action Items

  • Mariya Maistrovskaya to begin draft of update community expectation management article focused on search and browse functionalities (2-3 weeks)
  • Carol Minton Morris add timelines for various outreach initiiatives to wiki
  • Wouter Janssens (Atmire) feedback from UI group regarding requirements for non-functional UI "sketches" to be used in discussing/presenting DSpace 7 development
  • Carol Minton Morris provide more information/logo redesign process strawman for discussion
  • Carol Minton Morris simple design options for "Ask me about DSpace 7" stickers or pins
  • Carol Minton Morris publish blog post from group
  • ALL, very important, continue to work on/comment on use cases
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