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The Open VIVO task force is active, and looking for additional help in Graphics/UI, Java development and RDF generation and management. If you'd like to help, please contact Mike Conlon or Graham Triggs



Open VIVO will be a demonstration of VIVO at the Force11 Conference in Portland, April 17-19.  The demonstration is expected to run through the VIVO Conference in August


  1. Provide a hosted Open VIVO platform that anyone with an ORCiD can join
  2. Develop attribution ontology for use with Open VIVO
  3. Import content from GRID (orgs), CrossRef (journals), Dates, Concepts.  Import data for attendees from Figshare.  Import content for users from ORCID.
  4. Provide a capability for a user to enter a DOI and the contribution they made to the work, and have that work added to Open VIVO
  5. Export all the data nightly to GitHub under FAIR data principles for reuse by the community.
  6. Demonstrate the system and support its use throughout the demonstration period.

Many elements of Open VIVO will find their way into future releases of VIVO.  Sign on procedures, RDF data, attribution ontology, interactive addition of works via DOI and others will be added to VIVO for all sites to use.  An export utility is planned for extracted data from Open VIVO regarding a particular institution.  Using this tool, local data stewards will be able to extract data from Open VIVO pertaining to their organization, and add it to their local VIVO.


This is a community-driven project.  Schedules are subject to change as people are available.  Open VIVO is a demonstration schedule for first appearance at the Force16 conference in Portland, Sunday April 17-Tuesday April 19.  To demonstrate Open VIVO at the conference, the schedule below is proposed.

Requirements are in place.  Additional features could be added if time and resources permit, and if the feature(s) are consistent with the nature and purpose of Open VIVO.

Items in Green are sub projects that proceed in parallel.  Items in Red are major deadlines.  Other items are in Black.



Develop charter, requirements, resource feasibility, solicit participation, approval of steering, project infrastructure, launch sub projects

3 weeks


2016-02-13All complete except infrastructure. Mike Conlon working on this. On track.

Domain name, infrastructure hosting, branding/theme, stand up platform, three tier build, branding

4 weeks


2016-3-06Domain obtained. Infrastructure provider identified. Graham Triggs working on this. Paul Friedman will work on branding/UIOn track.

ORCiD authentication, Profile creation, ORCiD hook for DOI

6 days


TBAJim Blake will work on this. On track.
RDF generation for Journals (CrossRef) and Organizations (Grid)4 weeks2016-02-132016-03-13

Muhammad Javed and Violeta Ilik will work with Mike Conlon on Journals. David Eichmann will work with Mike Conlon on Organizations.

Figshare Ingest4 weeks2016-02-132016-03-13Ted Lawless will work with Mike Conlon on this.
Identify and represent attribution/contribution4 weeks2016-02-132016-03-13Melissa Haendel, Kristi Holmes, Violeta Ilik and Alexandre Rademaker will work on this.
Publication Ingest from CrossRef with Attribution from user-entered DOI5 weeks2016-02-072016-03-12Graham Triggs is working on this. Prompt, fetch, confirm working. On track.
Full assembly – all features in place. Begin testing, begin remediation, begin data export1 week2016-03-132016-03-19Tight coordination among team members needed here.
Remediation or additional features2 weeks2016-03-202016-04-02If things need to be fixed, fix them. If things need to be smoothed, smooth them. If things can be added, add them.
Harvest data from Open VIVO to CTSAsearch2 weeks2015-03-202015-04-02Dave Eichmann will work on this

Final acceptance testing, refinement, communications, presentation materials

2 weeks


2015-04-15Stop adding things. Keep fixing things. Keep smoothing things.

Workshops and Visualizations Hackathon at Force 11 Conference

1 day2016-04-172016-04-17 

Additional Force11 demonstrations, continuous update of open VIVO from Figshare and ORCiD, continuous export of data to GitHub, continuous import of data to Iowa repositories and tools.

2 days2016-04-182016-04-19 



Mike Conlon task force lead, project manager, RDF production

Graham Triggs technical lead, platform, DOI ingest, hosting, platform support

Ted Lawless RDF production

Muhammad Javed RDF for journals

Violeta Ilik will work on ontology and RDF

Dave Eichmann RDF for orgs, reuse of data in CTSAsearch

Paul Friedman will work on UI/Design issues

Alexandre Rademaker Ontology work

Melissa Haendel Ontology work

Kristi Holmes Attribution ontology

Jim Blake ORCiD sign on, profile creation, DOI from ORCiD

Meeting Times


Communication Channels

  • The status elements above will be updated each week and via VIVO Updates

  • Notes of meetings will appear below
  • vivo-tech and vivo-community will be used to support project communication

Agendas and Notes

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