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DSpace 7.0 Estimated Release Schedule

DSpace 7.0 is under active development. The next major milestone is:

If you or your institution would like to contribute to and accelerate this release process, we welcome contributors to the DSpace 7 Working Group. We also welcome developers to simply help us review & test new features/improvements (pull requests) as they are developed. Contributing testing and/or code reviews can help us speed up the development feedback loop & get features into the release more quickly. Get in touch with Tim Donohue if you'd like to contribute!

AchievementMore details

(tick)  Community competition for different UI prototypes

DSpace UI Prototype Challenge
(tick)  Formal selection of Angular as new front end framework - XMLUI and JSPUI removed from dspace "master" branch on Github: new Angular UI that is modern, responsive, and built using a Bootstrap theme for easy customizationDSpace 7 - Angular UI Development
(tick)  Adoption of a HAL, HATEOAS, ALPS standards based REST API to maximize exposure of all DSpace features for integration purposes: A completely redesigned REST API that is self-documenting and human browsableDSpace 7 REST API
(tick)  Redesigned submissions and workflows featuring a one page submission process with a drag-and-drop interface, and automatic metadata extraction from common formats like PDFsConfiguration changes in the submission process
(tick)  Configurable entities, an optional new item type inspired by the DSpace-CRIS project that allows for complex linked relationships between items
(tick)  Single built-in Statistical Engine, upgraded to v7 and moved to separate webappSOLR Statistics
(tick)  Preview release, including Entity demonstrator and associated data setDSpace 7 Preview Release
(tick)  Docker installation and deployment proceduresTry out DSpace 7

(tick)  Beta 1 released

Beta 1 Release Notes
(tick)  Beta 2 releasedBeta 2 Release Notes
(tick)  Beta 3 releasedBeta 3 Release Notes
(tick)  Beta 4 releasedBeta 4 Release Notes
Beta 5 is under development. It will be the final Beta before Testathon.DSpace 7 Release Goals

7.0 release

Major benefits of DSpace 7

This release finally brings together two user interfaces and their communities, who had previously been working in parallel. The ambition is to bring together best of both JSPUI and XMLUI worlds, meaning that all features you love and use are re-imagined, and re-implemented on a single new user interface technology, Angular.

The switch to Angular allows more rapid innovation. Angular also has the potential to attract developers with prior expertise, given the popularity and global traction of Angular across industries.

DSpace 7 admin menu

DSpace 7 search results display

What will be included in DSpace 7?

The efforts contributed to DSpace 7 are the largest endeavour ever undertaken by the DSpace community. The DSpace 7.0 release will concentrate on the following major features:

  1. A new User Interface based on Angular (to replace XMLUI and JSPUI). This work is going on at
    1. The goal of the new UI is to implement all major features of both XMLUI and JSPUI in a single, modern UI.
    2. While additional UI-related features/improvements may come in this release (especially any that are made easier by Angular), we do not anticipate any significant changes to the DSpace backend (except for the REST API, as noted below).
  2. A refactored/enhanced REST API (using modern REST best practices). This work is going on in the "master" branch of
    1. Additionally, a new REST Contract (describing all API interactions) is being written at
  3. A new configurable object model (tentatively called "Entities"), which allows for the creation of new "typed" Items, and storing relationships between Items.  This feature will allow for tighter integration with external identifier systems (e.g. ORCID), current research information systems (CRIS), journal publishing systems, etc. This work is going on in the DSpace 7 Entities Working Group.
  4. Alignment with core recommendations from the COAR Next Generation Repositories Report (  Specifically, DSpace 7 will introduce two technologies deemed of highest priority by this report.
    1. ResourceSync
      1. options to install alongside an existing DSpace 5.x or 6.x installation will also be made available
    2. Signposting

For much more information on the history behind these decisions, see DSpace 7 UI Project Plain Language Summary

Where is this work happening? How can I track it?

Active work takes part in the DSpace 7 Working Group (this is the development team). This group meets on a weekly basis (see working group wiki page for scheduling information). All meetings are open (anyone can attend) and meeting notes are publicly available off the group's wiki page.

We also use Slack to communicate between meetings. Anyone can request a Slack invite (see link) to listen in or join discussions.  The DSpace 7 development team primarily uses the #angular-ui and #rest-api channels within Slack, to discuss the UI and REST API work respectively.

We are tracking the current status of all active DSpace 7 development in our DSpace 7 Project Boards.

DSpace 7 Angular User interface demo

  • This site is automatically updated each time a UI code change is merged into
  • It also points at the REST API demo (see below) and uses data from it.
  • Currently, the site is anonymous access only, as authentication / authorization features are still in progress.

DSpace 7 REST API demo

Try out DSpace 7 locally

If you'd like to try out the latest work in a local installation of DSpace 7, you may install the latest Angular UI and REST API via Docker (or manually).  See the instructions at Try out DSpace 7 Please keep in mind, as DSpace 7 is still under active development, it is NOT PRODUCTION READY.


Here are the latest DSpace 7 presentations

Introducing DSpace 7

DSpace 7 Open for Integration - Video recording


DSpace 7 Configurable Entities - Video Recording

DSpace 7: Configurable Entities

DSpace 7 - Angular UI from the User Perspective

The Angular UI from a user perspective

DSpace 7 - Enhanced Submission and Workflow

Enhanced Submission & Workflow

Older presentations can be found on DSpace 7 Media and Presentations

Code Changes in DSpace 7.0

New Features in 7.0

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

General Improvements in 7.0

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Bug Fixes in 7.0

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Organizational Details

Release Coordination

Instead of a single "Release Coordinator", the DSpace 7.0 release will be managed by a "Release Team".

Release Team

Please volunteer (by emailing Tim Donohue), if you are interested in joining the team!

Code contributions

Your contributions are welcome now! Code and documentation need not be finished, so long as it is working and we can all see what it is for. Time is set aside for fixing, polishing, and integration. We have some general Code Contribution Guidelines available, but you are also welcome to ask questions on the dspace-devel mailing list.

Release Process

Release Process needs to proceed according to the following Maven release process: Release Procedure

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