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Editor's "To Do" list

  • add similar style guide / organization as other "installation" pages
  • create "pre-installation software checklist" section
  • add extra notes about requiring Drupal and Fedora first
  • create note about user customization options (i.e. what "[your_drupal_directory]" references)
  • move "advanced tuque info" from Islandora Install page to today.


On This Page

Pre-Installation Software Checklist

You must have the following installed before you install the Tuque library:

About the "Tuque" library

The Tuque library is a bundle of code that acts as the conduit between Islandora and Fedora Commons. In order for Islandora to properly communicate with Fedora Commons, you must have the Tuque library installed. For more information on the Tuque library, please see the documentation on github [].


Installing the Tuque library


You must have:

  • Drupal installed and properly configured in order to install Tuque.
  • Fedora Commons installed and properly configured in order to properly test Tuque


To install the Tuque library, run the following on your command line where Drupal is installed:

$ cd /[public_html]/[your_drupal_directory]/sites/all/libraries
$ wget
$ unzip
$ mv tuque-1.3 tuque



  • [public_html] is the path to your Apache Web server root.
    • on most *nix systems, your full [public_html]   is: /var/www/html
  • [your_drupal_directory]  is the directory / folder name that your Drupal instance is installed.


Advanced Tuque Topics

For advanced usage of Tuque you can consult the All About Tuque Appendix.


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