This documentation refers to an earlier version of Islandora. is current.

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Installation Options

  • Sandbox : not really an install, but more ready to use Islandora space on the web that you can use to test Islandora
  • Virtual Machine : pre-packaged virtual computer system that runs on your local machine. You need to have a Virtualization Software to "host" / "run" the Virtual Machine.
  • Local install : download an install the individual pieces required to use Islandora on your local machine. Requires various degrees of System Administration [Ubuntu SystemAdministration Help Page] experience, depending on your operating system.

"Local install" - Pre-installation Software Checklist

Server Dependencies

The following resources must be present on the server where you plan to install Islandora. Each of these items is detailed in the relevant section of the installation process; this is merely meant as a quick checklist to review the overall set of resources you may have to install on your server:

"Local install" - Installation Instructions Overview

In order to install Islandora, you will have to install (at minimum):

The next four sections will lead you through the installation of Dependencies, Drupal, Fedora, and the Islandora Module. These instructions assume an *nix environment. Our current Windows support status is available here.


Please see the Supported Versions section of the Release Notes and Downloads page.


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