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The primary objective of the i18n sprints are to bring the language-aware editing capabilities into the core VIVO application.

This objective will include the following goals:

  1. Creation of Integration and Regression tests to ensure the existing functionality does not break during the course of the i18n editing development activities (and beyond)
  2. Transfer of UQAM software updates into one or more GitHub repositories
  3. Review, testing and integration of the initial UQAM software updates into core VIVO
    1. Given the size of these initial software updates, we will need to slice the updates into smaller units of functionality and pull-requests
  4. Establishment of a pattern for making additional languages available to all VIVO installations
  5. Review and test incremental i18n editing updates
  6. Update documentation of installation and configuration guides


  • April 6th - 17th
  • Pre-sprint planning meeting: Doodle

Who (and roles)

Roles: developer, documenter, tester, translator, other?

  1. Michel Héon(UQAM) Developer
  2. Joachim Dornbusch  (EHESS)
  3. Christian Hauschke (TIB; testing, documentation)
  4. Benjamin Gross (limited availability, testing and code review)
  5. Ralph O'Flinn  (limited availability, testing and code review)
  6. Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek(UQAM - review documentation, check French version pages, test installation of Vivo)
  7. Matthias Lühr(HS Mittweida; testing, documentation)
  8. Andrew Woods Developer / Tester
  9. Nicolas Dickner(UQAM - review documentation, check French version pages, test installation of Vivo)


1) Project wiki

VIVO-i18n - Canadian French Initiative

2) UQAM's GitHub - although development will happen on the 'sprint-i18n' branches of VIVO/Vitro/VIVO-languages/Vitro-languages
3) Test data

  • Would be good to have a German version of this as well

4) i18n Reference Demo

Demo VIVO server consisting of UQAM's implementation of the i18n editor design

  1. User:
  2. Pass: VivoI18nRoot.

5) Vivo Translation Ecosystem

Ecosystem useful for the development of VIVO

  • Java and ftl code editing
  • Editing ontologies
  • Local execution of VIVO
  • Access to source code in GIT

6) VTE First run wiki

Documentation in under construction

Sprint goals

  1. Updates will go into the core

  2. Sprint will demonstrate editing with French, German and English

  3. Regression testing with Selenium

  4. Updated documentation

Sprint prerequisites

  1. (tick) Code in GitHub
  2. (tick) GitHub diff/pr
  3. Remove whitespace from VIVO and Vitro working branches
  4. How can the code be subdivided?
  5. Test data
  6. Set up a reporting and monitoring tool for identified problems (potentially Jira) able to manage screenshots

Future goals

  1. English to be extracted, like any other language
  2. All VIVO languages will be consolidated into central language repositories
  3. Move translation files to ontology files

Working GitHub branches

  1. VIVO : (until we have whitespace removed)
  2. Vitro : (until we have whitespace removed) 
  3. VIVO-languages :
  4. Vitro-languages :

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