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Sprint topics

Please add any topic for a potential sprint to the list below.
Please add your name under any of the topics to which you would be available to contribute in the context of a sprint.

  • All roles are needed: documentation, testing, development, requirements defining/verifying!

Community-zing VIVO Scholars

The top-level goals of this effort are to make sure that the broader VIVO community can install and use VIVO Scholars for local needs. Focus areas of this sprint may include:

  1. Ensure that local styling and branding are based on configuration
  2. Facilitate addition/removal of custom fields and types
    1. Ideally, this will be further moved into configuration, not requiring code changes
  3. Establish well-documented deployment model, using both Docker and natively
  4. Loading VIVO Scholar's Solr index on-demand
  5. Loading VIVO Scholar's Solr index by connecting to VIVO's triplestore - and report back to team regarding performance
    1. directly against TDB as designed
    2. over VIVO SPARQLapi instead of native TDB connection against TDB database
    3. directly against SDB
    4. over VIVO SparqlAPI instead of native SDB connectin

In order for the effort to be successful, we will need the following skills:

  • Dev-ops
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • Development


  1. Ralph O'Flinn (Ind.)
  2.  Don Elsborg
  3. Harry Thakkar
  4. ...

i18n Editor


  1. Michel Héon (UQAM)
  2. Joachim Dornbusch  (EHESS)
  3. Christian Hauschke (TIB; testing, documentation)
  4. Benjamin Gross (limited availability, testing and code review)
  5. Ralph O'Flinn  (based on Scholars need)
  6. Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek (UQAM - review documentation, check French version pages, test installation of Vivo)
  7.  Matthias Lühr (HS Mittweida; testing, documentation)
  8. Rachid Belkouch (UQAM - help with project management, review documentation, check French version pages)

Advanced Role Management ( February 8th, 2021? - to be confirmed)


  1. Matthias Lühr (HS Mittweida; testing, documentation)
  2. Tatiana Walther (TIB)
  3. Graham Triggs (TIB)
  4. Benjamin Kampe (TIB)
  5. ...

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