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15 min


  • Welcome to new Leadership Group members
Kristi Park
225 min

DSpace 7.0

  • Final beta
  • Testathon
  • 7.0 release

Update on the current status of DSpace 7 development and the forthcoming beta versions.

Tim Donohue

Maureen Walsh

315 minWorking and Interest Group Reports

Brief updates/Q&A from Working and Interest Group representatives.


Governance Working Group (wiki link)
View file
Product Visioning Working Group (wiki link)
View file
Marketing Interest Group (wiki link)
View file

Kristi Park (chair, Governance Working Group)

Scott Hanrath (chair, Product Visioning Working Group)

Jenn Bielewski (chair, Marketing Interest Group)

45 min

 Quarterly Financial Report

Quarterly financial report distributed via listserv.

Reflects info as of 3/31/21


  • Positive: membership, salaries/benefits, contract (dev) labor, travel, IDC, other
  • Negative: fundraising, consultants

3/31 report does not include 7.0 beta 5 development costs as those are not yet invoiced. Approximately $74,000 to be billed soon.

7.0 Development Costs

  • Estimated: $ 300,000
  • Raised: $ 153,227
  • Allocated: $ 284,000 (includes pending invoices for Beta 5)
  • Not yet using line of credit
Laurie Arp
515 minDSpace-LYRASIS MOU

DSpace Steering recommends adoption of a revised MOU developed by the Governance Working Group.

Clean copy of MOU: DSpaceLYRASISMOU20210217-cleancopy.doc

Version of MOU showing all changes: DSpaceLYRASISMOU all changes 20210222rev.doc

Kristi Park
610 minDSpace 7.1 and 7.2 feature prioritization

Review results of prioritization survey, which asked Leadership members to select features remaining in the backlog after 7.0 that they feel are most essential to prioritize for version 7.1.

Survey results:

Open time for questions from Leadership about the survey and results.

Kristi Park
740 min

Breakout discussions: Prioritization of features for DSpace 7.1

Leaders will break into 4-5 randomly assigned groups to further discuss the prioritization of features for DSpace 7.1. We will take 25 minutes for breakout discussions and then return for 15 minutes to report out and discuss with the whole group.

Guide for breakout discussions:

  • If needed, conduct a brief round of introductions. Record group members in the notes document.
  • Identify reporter to report highlights of the discussion out to the larger group.
  • Questions for discussion:
    • What criteria did you use for voting and ranking features?
    • Which results surprised you? Are there features you would argue should be higher (or lower) on the list?
    • What else should Steering and the DSpace 7 Working Group consider when prioritizing features for development in DSpace 7.1 not reflected in these results? (E.g. Can you identify dependencies for high-priority features that should be considered?)

You can take notes in a Google doc that matches your Breakout Room number, linked to here:

Kristi Park, all
65 minAny other business
  • DSpace Anwendertreffen (Annual meeting for the German-speaking DSpace community organized and sponsored by The Library Code) will be held virtually April 15-16, 2021. Free registration at