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The (star) represents who will be taking notes for a given meeting. 

Discussion items




Chair and Vice Chair for the Group and next steps

  • Jenn to put out a call for participation on the Community list
  • Talking to Fedora about their Marketing group
  • Jenn will take over as the Chair for this group

DSpace 7 Documentation Task Force

  • Organized sprints run by DCAT
  • Planning Sprint in early October, date TBD
  • Would like Marketing Interest Group representative(s) to coordinate work with this group and to recommend videos and overview materials
  • Will be announced soon, looking for marketing group participation!

Deliverables and timeline for DSpace 7

Marketing goals: DSpace 7 Marketing Goals

  • what do we need to have ready for encouraging adoption of DSpace 7? What materials do we create, who has time, what do we need to be prepared for the push to move to DSpace 7?
  • Who can take action on these goals in the next three months?

  • Important to talk about the transition from 5 or 6 to DSpace 7. Should focus and document some use cases we are aware of. Documentation for migration will be important to focus on. 
  • Fact sheet or highlight sheet of what DS7 can support, and a good explanation of entities. 
  • Training to support this will also be important. 
  • Video to highlight and show off DSpace 7 functionality. Something very short we can show off on the website, and share in a blog post. 
  • Should make sure we have translations for the most important languages for the materials
  • Once it is out: Demos, Webinars on upgrades, events where we want to start talking about DSpace and highlight specific aspects and features
  • What can we communicate AHEAD of the release? Getting people to install, getting people to participate in the testathon
  • Parallel promotion via the user groups. All the promotional materials shared for translation. They will also have ideas about what will work in their own regions about what will work for their regions
  • We can set an agenda of webinars, and offer to the user groups to translate and present the webinar
  • Timeframe is important. Heather thinks end of 2020 for 7.0 release
  • Will need to promote the testathon to get as much participation as possible
  • Jenn and Heather are reviewing the list of conferences LYRASIS is participating in, and which should include DSpace materials
  • For these events, will need to develop a DSpace 7 coming soon materials
  • Need two weeks for creating translations. Can start to create some basic Introducing DSpace 7 materials, even right now, to give to the user groups to translate and share at release

Other business, news to share 


LYRASIS is working internally on the timeline for merging the two websites. Website update will be on every meeting agenda. Mic has plans for good translations on the future website.

Action items