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  1. Will send Zoom link only to registrants to lessen chances of disruption
  2. Call for proposals can be opened.  Add to web site.  Anna will send to lists.
  3. Make a list of lists. Who sent to each list when so we do not duplicate, and so we get wide coverage.  others can send to their lists.
  4. Ask people on LG, IG to review proposals
  5. Mike will get registration site ready to be opened next week.  eventBrite.  No fees.  Special question regarding opt-in for future VIVO event communication.
  6. The group discussed the location of the conference folder.  The group will work in the existing conference folder and copy the foldere into the LG area once the conference is over.  In this way, we have access, as does LG, and the conference materials will be archived.
  7. The group discussed email lists.  Wd can not merge the conference list in Constant Contact and the vivo community list due to potential lack of opt in on the conference list.
    1. The group suggests that parallel emails be sent.  Emails to vivo community, tech, all can be sent as is
    2. Email to the conference list must be preceded by opt in language and opt in option.  This will re-validate the list for GDPR and allow us to use it in the future.
    3. Mike will request the constant contact list of LYRASIS
    4. The registration process must include an opt-in question as well.  Registrants who opt in can have their email addresses added to the conference list.
  8. The group reviewed the sponsorship notes.  Michele will draft a text document for use on the web site and with sponsors.
  9. The group agreed that next week's meeting be shortened 30 minutes.