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  1. Welcome.  Health and Safety check
  2. Basic shape of the conference
    1. two days?  Not full days.
    2. Invited/keynotes
    3. Lightning talks?
    4. Submitted? Includes demos (screen shares)?
  3. Getting a first announcement out – save the date
    1. Pick the dates.  How/when?
    2. Get the web site ready. Almost ready (Mike has been editing).
      1. Need dates
      2. Need a photo
  4. Lots more.  Who can take the lead on each?
    1. Who else can help besides the five people on this call?
    2. Program chair/program
      1. Use Open Review.  Violeta has put Mike in contact with Pamela at OpenReview.  Should be ready in a few days.
      2. Matthias Brochhausen (ontologist, UF) has accepted as a keynote.
    3. Sponsorship
    4. Communications
    5. Web site
    6. Zoom hosting
    7. Organizing of submitted materialsModerators/session chairs – will need some instructions
  5. When does this group meet again?


  1. Keep it simple. Do things.  Less talking.  Program chair would slow us down.  Just this year.  People from interest groups.  People from LG.  
  2. Engage EuroCRIS
  3. Full day event.  Shorter sessions.  Spread more?  Shorten presentations.  Social aspect.  How do we translate?  Assigning people to rooms.  Each room talks about the same thing?
  4. Short bunch of talks followed by break, followed by discussion.  Repeat.  
  5. Potential tracks:  Development.  RIM/EuroCRIS.  Ontology.
  6. 3 days June 16-18.  Format TBA.
  7. Anna will lead communication efforts and work with LYRASIS and the SCTF on communication channels.
  8. Anna will discuss the web site image with the SIGMA marketing team.
  9. Anna will draft a Save the Date message and share with the group.
  10. Ralph will download the web site and get it running locally.  Mike and Ralph will compare notes about the web site.  The group will discuss the web site next time.
  11. The group agreed to meet in one week.
  12. Michele will lead sponsorship efforts.  Past web sites show past sponsors.  Sites have been sponsors.
  13. Michele will draft a Google Doc in the conference folder regarding potential sponsor benefits/engagement.
  14. Michele will follow-up with EuroCRIS.
  15. The group decided to move forward without a program chair.  The group will serve as program chair.
  16. Mike will organize a meeting one week from today.
  17. Some concerns about the security of Zoom.  Some meetings have been hacked with bad consequences.  Stay aware of community/Zoom response to issue.
  18. Mike will follow-up regarding security of Zoom.  Mike's Zoom room is for protected health information.  Why is it considered secure?
  19. Mike is following-up on Open Review.