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  1. Multilingual interface (making English a language as others)

    1. Christian: Sounds like a good idea, has to be done anyway.

    2. Graham : separate strings extraction from grammar. We can focus

    3. Christian: Sounds like something a student assistant could do, it’s a lot of manual work.

    4. Andrew: We could focus on Templates first, then codes, maybe ontology later.

    5. Graham: Pluralization is an issue, has to be solved.

    6. Christian: summarizes to scope of the work to do in :

      1. Identify all the places where i18n

      2. Transfer all the the strings to english language package

      3. Provide translations for French and German

    7. Graham: suggest to slice the work following the code in order to simplify the work.

    8. Kitio: Is going to propose JIRA tasks on code based approach

    9. Christian: Is going to provide a german version of VIVO that will simplify the process to identify all the places where there are i18n. Ideally that work should happen before the sprint. Kitio is going to participate in this effort.

    10. Andrew : if Kitio try to create a French version of VIVO going from German artifacts, this will help in identifying what needs to be done additionally to achieve the goal.

    11. Andrew : things that using the german version of VIVO we are pretty much close to achieve the goal.

    12. Graham: We have a tool to identify changes in translation

  2. Language support

    1. Christian: there are still difficulties in integrating additional languages in VIVO.

    2. Graham: Using maven this should be a straightforward process but languages artifacts need to be released to enable this feature.

    3. Andrew: it is possible to release SNAPSHOTS for languages artifacts and have that process working.


Google document Notes


  •  Review Gesman German VIVO and identify missing delta in languages files provided by Christian Hauschke
  •  Propose JIRA tasks for effective creation of language artifacts following the preceding review