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Fedora "Create" Community: Working together to Get Stuff Done

(formerly Solutions Integration Community)

Regardless of how we are using Fedora, or what types of content we are putting into it, we all have a number of common technical challenges that we must all overcome.  One of the greatest strengths of Fedora Commons is the fact that it has an active and innovative community of software architects, developers, archivists and librarians working to tackle those challenges in ways that range from pragmatic to visionary.

We've formed a Solutions Community around identifying, documenting, discussing, and solving these technical challenges that we must all face. 

Read about the Solutions Integration Community if you would like to know more about the community, this section of the wiki, and how you can get involved.

Until then, let's get to work.

Challenge Areas

These are areas of technical difficulty that we are all facing together.  For each of these topics, there are at least a handful of people who are actively working to reduce these challenges to non-issues.  Are you one of those people?  If you are, make sure we all know about your work, and make sure it's reflected here on the wiki.

Hot Topics

These are areas of technical interest that the Fedora Community takes special interest in discussing

  • Choosing Frontend UI, and when to write one from scratch
  • Understanding the technological differences between Fedora and other Repository or Content Management Systems.
  • Understanding the Fedora Data Model
  • SOA/WOA best practices
  • RDF Best Practices
  • Metadata Best Practices


Wiki: Fedora Developers Forum

Developers Forum

Fedora Commons Developers Mailing List

This list is intended for discussions between committers and testers of the Fedora Commons source code. Tech-heavy discussions of application integration problems seem to show up here too.  There has been some discussion of creating a separate fedora-commons-tech list for those discussions.

Fedora Commons irc Channel

We keep talking about setting this up, but it's not clear that people will use it.  If you would like to make this happen, please stand up.


Many developers working with Fedora maintain blogs.  They also actively refer to the blogs of other developers working in related fields.

Not Fedora, but still worth watching

Visit the recommended reading, which contains some recommended posts from many of these blogs (this is only updated periodically).


  • NLM Digital Repository Server Architecture - This presentation is from the Washington, DC Fedora User's Group meeting in January 2011, and describes NLM's server architecture and approach to redundancy, replication and failover in the initial implementation of NLM's repository.
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