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Fedora Create Community

(formerly Solutions Integration Community)

Steward: Matt Zumwalt, MediaShelf, LLC
Knowledgebase Gardener: David Flanders, University of London Bloomsbury Colleges
Evangelist: (to be determined)

The purpose of the Fedora Create Community is to foster a self-forming community of Developers and Software Architects as they exchange ideas, identify problem areas, identify best practices, and collaboratively create or improve integration solutions that are useful to the Fedora Commons community. This community has a natural role to ensure that the needs of the other solutions communities are realistically assessed and addressed, and that they are able to access the advice and ideas necessary to make informed decisions.


  • Identify Challenge Areas and Hot Topics
  • Foster open, community-based collaboration to address pressing technical needs
  • Encourage Creation of Case studies, Howtos, Tutorials, Outlines of Pitfalls & Project Planning Advice, Language Comparisons (Java, Ruby, Python), etc.
  • Maintain a more complete, and useful listing of Fedora-related software (with classifications), including quality reviews and information about project status, Fedora version compatibility, etc.


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