Please note that as of January 26, 2011 the DSpace Global Outreach Committee is no longer active. The DSpace Community Advisory Team has taken on some of the DGOC functions. For more information on DCAT please visit the DSpace Community Advisory Team page.



The primary goal of the DSpace Global Outreach Committee (DGOC) is to help identify or develop resources and tools for DSpace users, as well as to advance the user community network world-wide.

Current Projects

For a list of DGOC projects, visit the DGOC Projects page


The following are a list of potential activities for the committee members. However, committee members will help refine and establish what is important for their region/country. Estimated time for each committee member is around 10 hours a month.

  • Attend regular, virtual committee meetings
  • Collaborate on projects to develop tools and resources to serve the community
  • Take part in forums to share training and best practices in your country/region
  • Network regularly with other DSpace users in your region
  • Serve as a resource to new or potential DSpace users within your country/region on the DSpace platform
  • Help develop agenda and host user group meetings
  • Help guide the priorities of the DuraSpace organization to better serve the needs of repository managers
  • Facilitate feedback from your country/region on the DSpace platform design in order to make the development process more balanced and informed about the repository manager's needs and the variety of use cases


The committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of every month via a conference call. We hold two different calls to accommodate members from different time zones. For more information and meeting notes, click here.

Committee Members

Committee members are volunteers from the world-wide DSpace user community. Members will be primarily made up of individuals who function as DSpace repository managers at their institution and have an interest in developing resources/tools for DSpace users and as well as to advance the user community network world-wide. The committee aims to have representatives from variety of countries/regions in order to provide broad support the DSpace user community.

Rea Devakos - University of Toronto

Ronee L. Francis - Vanderbilt University

Valorie Hollister - DuraSpace

Iryna Kuchma -

Jim Ottaviani - University of Michigan

Sarah Shreeves - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Elin Stangeland - Cambridge University Library

Beth Tillinghast - University of Hawaii at Manoa

Emeritus Committee Members

Ezra S. Gbaje - Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

Leonie Hayes - University of Auckland

Alvin Hutchinson - Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Jayan C Kurian - National University of Singapore

Yohannes Mulugeta - Addis Ababa University Libraries

Joy Wheeler - Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Christina Richison - NITLE

Monica Roos - University of Bergen

Michael Soupios - Seton Hall University

Julie Speer - Georgia Institute of Technology

More information

For more information about DGOC, please contact Valorie Hollister at vholister at

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