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Meeting Notes

Meeting Recording

  1. News
    1. Welcome new members!
      1. Jennifer Laherty
      2. Elena Feinstein
      3. Claire Bundy
      4. full list
    2. Next meeting on July 12
    3. OR11 Recap
      1. Committers/developers mtg:
        1. notes
        2. excitement about DCAT effort
        3. "What is a modern repo?" discussion
          1. Modern Repository Writeup (from Bram)
          2. trend of CMS systems and repos
        4. metadata - committers requested that DCAT provide input on revised/updated metadata schema (Bram to start DCAT discussion)
      2. Other pre-conference sessions/general sessions and user group mtgs
        1. Curation Tasks Workshop Writeup (from Bram) - curation tasks workshop (Wendy Blossoms, Kim Sheppard, Richard Rodgers) - worth checking out once slides are available!
        2. ORCID Initiative Writeup (from Bram)- Orcid aims to solve author / research contributor name ambiguity on a global scale
        3. DuraSpace education/training curriculum proposal - examples from Kenyon College (Val will get link) and the Repository Support Project
    4. Google Summer of Code - 2011 Accepted Projects (Submission Enhancements in DSpace - ties into DS164-->see below)
    5. DSpace 1.8 - 1.8.0 Release Notes
    6. DuraSpace 2011 Sponsorship Campaign launch
    7. Other news?
      1. OAI7 DSpace User Mtg on June 21 (sponsored by @mire & DuraSpace) - mtg is full up w/50 attendees
  2. DCAT Review
    1. New feature review process
      1. Goal: primary goal of the DSpace Community Advisory Team (DCAT) is to help review and facilitate community-wide discussions about new feature requests in JIRA and to provide support to the DSpace developer/committer group in producing software releases.
      2. What it is:
        1. group representing the community which make assessments about new feature requests in JIRA - the relative value and urgency for the broader community 
        2. facilitate community wide discussions on the most useful and urgent new feature requests - the purpose of which is to validate DCAT assessment, flesh out req'mts, most importantly-->find stakeholder/developer resources
        3. possibly provide communication support (announcements, etc.) to developers/committers for software releases
        4. collaborate on other projects for the community - user group mtgs, networking, mailing list participation, e-forum, attend weekly developer/committer mtgs
      3. What it is not:
        1. a group that dictates work priorities for the developers/committers
        2. having discussions just to have discussions
      4. Process overview
        1. please be sure to vote on each issue - even if it is a "+0"
        2. attending weekly committer mtg following your issue discussion week is really helpful
      5. Future discussion schedule
      6. New issues - Anyone who does not have an issue selected, please come with your selection: DCAT JIRA New Features
    2. Update on previously reviewed items
      1. DS-560 XMLUI News in config dir (Bram): discussion forum, JIRA
        1. XMLUI interface is not as useful as JSPUI for news config, Bram proposed to have a more flexible front page
        2. would like to hear what types of optional configurable elements that the community would like to see need to hear functional req'mts (news box, statistics, list of comm/coll, what ever front page needs)
      2. DS587 tombstone (Sarah): discussion forum, JIRA
        1. Richard Rodgers and Peter Dietz volunteered to review the patch and provide their feedback
        2. patch submitter Jose Blanco is also working on XMLUI version
      3. DS638 check file format/virus check (Elin): discussion forum (*+DS-638++check+files+on+input+for+viruses%2C+and+verify+file+format), JIRA
        1. virus checking - Robin Taylor has added a few patches to address request, waiting on other developers to review
        2. file format checking - Richard Rodgers is working on this, Robin hoping to use his work, will be in for 1.8
      4. DS164 deposit interface for modifying input forms.xml (Jim): discussion forum, JIRA
        1. GSoC project - do away with item-submission.xml and input-forms.xml and instead create an Admin UI that allows repo managers reorganize the submission UI
        2. Jim and other DCAT members provided specfic requirements list to GSofC list
        3. Anything currently from GSoC list that we need to give feedback on?
  3. Meeting Attendees:
    1.  Bram, Valorie, Jonathan, Jennifer, Iryna, Jim, Sue, Michael,

DUE TO USA HOLIDAY OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON JULY 12, 2011 at 9:00 am Eastern/13:00 GMT  

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