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Date & Time

  • May 12th 15:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 ET 


We will use the international conference call dial-in. Please follow directions below.

  • U.S.A/Canada toll free: 866-740-1260, participant code: 2257295
  • International toll free:
    • Use the above link and input 2257295 and the country you are calling from to get your country's toll-free dial in #
    • Once on the call, enter participant code 2257295


  1. We will discuss and gather DCAT feedback on the work currently be done to draft a 3-year Strategic Plan for DSpace and a Technology Road Map.

    This work will be presented at Open Repositories. The Analysis of the Use Cases we all have worked on and contributed to figure prominently in the current work.
    The Strategic Plan for Technology combined with the Use Case Analysis work will both be the "inputs" for the Technology Roadmap.

  2. There are a few Use Cases that are marked incomplete. Commenting on or fleshing out of these use cases is welcome.
  3. DCAT plans for OR2015. There will be a face-to-face DSpace Developers / DCAT meeting at OR2015
    Date:     Monday, June 8 (workshop day)
    Time:     1:30-5:00pm
    Location: Hyatt Regency hotel (conference hotel), room Regency D
    PLEASE SIGN UP on the meeting wiki page if you plan to attend: DevMtg 2015-06-08 - OR15 Meeting
    You will also need to sign up for the workshop using the OR2015 Workshop signup form linked off of the Workshop/Tutorial day schedule

Preparing for the call

Please review current strategic planning work (see the Strategic Planning page)

The Strategic Plan DRAFT is split into three areas

Please review the Use Case Analysis work and add comments and/or flesh out use cases marked as incomplete

If you can't make the call, feedback and comments are welcome via email or added as comments on the Wiki pages.


Meeting notes

Tim Donohue has been creating a technical plan based on the analysis of use cases. This plan, combined with the strategic plans which will be drafted by the DSpace steering group will form the base of the DSpace roadmap. The technical plan focusses on technical aspects for the next one to two years, while the strategic plans lays out the conceptual path for the next three years.

The roadmap is currently in an early stage, but it already makes the distinction between features that should be included in DSpace 6, and those to be included in DSpace 7. The list for DSpace 6 features is limited due to the fact this version is already scheduled for release during the fall of 2015. Development of additional DSpace 6 features will therefor have to start soon, which limits room for discussion. For this reason most of the features will not be introduced until DSpace 7, which will probably be released in 2016.

The most prominent feature is the creation of a single User Interface instead of a parallel running XMLUI and JSPUI. At the moment it is not clear whether one of the current UI's will be used or a novel one will be created. This decision will have to be made by fall, so development could start shortly after.

Together with a uniform UI there will also be made extensions to the Admin UI for enabling administrators to configure their repository without having to edit the config files. This should allow more control for non-technical admins as well. The use cases included in this configuration extensions are listed under the configuration use cases on the roadmap page.

Another goal is to create a core DSpace frame work containing basic IR functionality which can be extended by adding modules. At the moment it is not clear who will decide which modules can be considered valid and trustworthy. It is however likely there will be a module registry, where users can discover and install those modular extensions.

The next DCAT meeting will take place at Open Repositories during the DSpace Developer and DCAT Meeting. As the conference schedule is already close-fitting we will not hold a separate DCAT meeting, though we hope to meet during one of the informal moments like monday's developer reception.