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Amy Lana - University of Missouri
Bram Luyten - @mire
Ciarán Walsh - Enovation Solutions, Ltd
Claire Bundy - BioMed Central
Jennifer Laherty - Indiana University
Maureen Walsh - The Ohio State University
Sarah Shreeves - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sue Kunda - Oregon State University
Valorie Hollister - DuraSpace
Iryna Kuchma - EIFL

Guest Attendees

Robin Rice - University of Edinburgh and the OR12 DSpace User Group Meeting Chair 

Tim Donohue - DuraSpace


Discussion Topics



Discussion leader


Questions/comments/additions to news/events update



Action item status updates






Old JIRA issues



New JIRA issues



What's up for discussion this Thurs/Fri?



Other items?


Actions from previous meeting

Action Item



DS-456 Start community-wide discussion (after the holidays?)



Provide additional thoughts/feedback to Val on how DCAT has been working / what could improve



DS164 deposit interface for modifying input forms.xml: resurrect original request and propose next steps 



Updating language packs - find out what needs to be updated, contact original authors and DSpace Ambassadors for help


Initial analysis done. Outreach to possible translators is too early

Google Summer of Code possible projects, last year's project summary brainstorming on potential student projects - metadata improvements, easy upgrade script DS-456, others?


call out from Tim soon

For all selected DCAT issues, DCAT discussion leader should update the current status in JIRA, if there is something that needs to be done (brainstorm on finding a developer, more community discussion, etc) those discussions should be added to the Thurs/Fri discussion or to the next DCAT mtg agenda - for an index of all DCAT issues to date visit here

Sarah, Jim, Bram, Amy, Elin, Iryna

Mar 6

DS-456 Easy upgrade script - start community-wide discussion?



Hold DCAT discussions via email / the discussion forum this Thurs and Fri, topics? Input on the DCAT Discussion Schudule page.
1) ????
2) ????
3) ????


Feb 15

Metadata priorities - email out to each volunteer group to solidify participation and possibly identify co-leaders 


Mar 6, in process

Select new JIRA issue


Mar 6




News & Events

  1. Upcoming DCAT meeting dates: 
    1. April 10
    2. May 8
    3. June 12
  2. DSpace 1.8.2 released last week: news piecefull release notes
  3. OR12 deadlines: March 8
  4. DSpace Developers' Virtual Summit
  5. News
    1. DuraSpace Open Technologies By the Numbers
      1. over 1200 DSpace repositories in over 100 countries
      2. new countries: Iraq, South Korea, Rwanda, Sudan
      3. biggest growth in Brazil +23, India +18, United States +17, Spain +15, Japan +14, Ukraine +14, Portugal +13
    2. New Open Source Video Digitization Tools from the National Archives
    3. DSpace Repositories in January 2012 CSIC "Top Institutional Repository Ranking"
    4. Sorting Through the Data: BioMed Central Launches "Systematic Reviews"
    5. Fighting Poverty Together: Open Repository Partners with Oxfam
    6. "AIMS Born-Digital Collections: An Inter-Institutional Model for Stewardship" White Paper Available
  6. New Hot Topics webinar series 
    1. Recordings available for 2 of the 3 "Knowledge Futures: Digital Preservation Planning" Series
    2. Upcoming webinar: "Preservation and Archiving Highlights from the Alliance Digital Repository" on Tuesday March 27, 2012
  7. Other webinar recordings: "DuraCloud: A Community Cloud for Higher Education" by Michele Kimpton and Jonathan Markow
  8. Other news?
  9. Events
    1. Upcoming - 
      1. SPARC OA Meeting in Kansas March 12-13 and Dpace User Group Meeting March 14
        1. conference themes
        2. DSpace user group mtg and Crowdvine
      2. CNI in Baltimore April 2-3
      3. JCDL in Washington June
      4. OR12 in Edinburgh July 9-13


2) action items

-language translations: know where the changes need to be made, just need to ensure changes won't require extra work / very challenging process, Claudia and Bram to create a JIRA issue, Tim to use it to re-start discussion w/cmtrs 

3) OR12 DSpace user group mtg

-deadline for submission is March 8

-looking for interesting proposals/project

--content proposals from librarian's perspective

--women presenters?

--creative content - to get spirit of the "fringe" idea incorporated

--tutorials: curation tasks (Kim Sheppard, Wendy from MIT)

--panel discussion: how DSpace works as an open source community - using JIRA, DCAT - mysterious how open source works - how can you feedback/contribute to the community, round table discussion w/cmtrs, DCAT members, have moderator

-need a dsug program cmte - to review submissions, work on format of the day  

4) discussion on current JIRA issues

  • DS-456 create easy upgrade scripts (Iryna): discussion forumJIRA
    • find volunteers to work on project
    • research approaches - Iryna's proposal, AgriOcean Windows version
    • aim for simplification, not perfection
    • identify any areas that we may need rework other parts of DSpace 

5) new JIRA issues

  • Jennifer is picking one of the statistics issues

Actions Items from this meeting

Action Item



language translations: Claudia and Bram to create a JIRA issue, Tim to use it to re-start discussion w/cmtrs


April 10

OR12 ideas for DSpace user group mtg presentation/panel/tutorial - email Robin Rice <>


March 8

OR12 volunteer for DSpace user group planning cmte - email Robin Rice <>


March 12

Hold DCAT discussions via email / the discussion forum this Thurs and Fri, topics? Input on the DCAT Discussion Schudule page
1) DS-587 tombstone (will be a new JIRA issue w/clarified objective) (Sarah)
2) DS-1115 Streaming server requests (Amy)
3) ????


March 8 & 9

DS-456 Start community-wide discussion


March 26

Select new JIRA issue


April 10




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