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Date & Time

  • March 12th 15:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 EDT
    Please note the change in time due to Daylight Savings in Eastern Time Zone.

Zoom meeting:

We will be using the DSpace Zoom Meeting Room for our meeting.

Meeting location:  

Enter Meeting ID: 502 527 3040 , followed by #

Zoom information: DSpace Meeting Room


  • Community Forum call
  • Updates from the DSpace Documentation and Training Working Group

Preparing for the call

If you can join the call, or are willing to comment on the topics submitted via the meeting page, please add your name, institution, and repository URL to the Call Attendees section below.  

Meeting notes

Call Attendees

  • Maureen Walsh (Ohio State University)
  • Helen Baer, Colorado State University
  • Anne Lawrence (Virginia Tech)
  • Mariya Maistrovskaya (University of Toronto)
  • Felicity Dykas (U of Missouri)

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  1. Ideas for future meetings from attendees:

    • DSpace 7 update
    • Upgrading DSpace
    • Statistics
      • Usage data for collections
      • SOLR stats don't show downloads for a collection
    • Authority control
    • Handling different versions 
      • e.g., two items - preprint and published version
      • Unpaywall - item type includes version information
    1. Adding Authority Control (in general + specifically for ORCID) to the list of future topics

  2. Community and Collection Statistics Examples: (Atmire module) (SOLR query based on Terry Brady's SOLR query tutorial, adds cumulative file downloads for a community to the community statistics page. See also,

  3. Unpaywall expects in OAI-PMH output, the version type in the  item type,
, using Driver versions. Repositories need to apply to be harvested.

  4. Oh no is the meeting finished?! Sorry, hadn't noticed the time change. I was in a different meeting for the last hour anyway.