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Date & Time

  • Jan 13th 16:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 ET 


We will use the international conference call dial-in. Please follow directions below.

  • U.S.A/Canada toll free: 866-740-1260, participant code: 2257295
  • International toll free:
    • Use the above link and input 2257295 and the country you are calling from to get your country's toll-free dial in #
    • Once on the call, enter participant code 2257295


For our first call of the year, we are hosting an open discussion on what call participants want to contribute and get out of these meetings in 2015. In addition to this, we will also discuss the upcoming DSpace 5 release. There will likely also be an update from the DSpace steering group.

2015 Schedule

Satellite calls are discontinued due to low attendance in 2014.

Similar to last year, we propose to host the calls the second Tuesday of the month, at 16:00UTC - 11:00 ET. Together with DST, we are proposing to switch back to 15:00UTC in March, in order to keep the call at 11:00ET.

DCAT Meetings in 2015: participants wishes, goals

Up to now the DCAT meetings had a formal charge. For 2015, the DSpace steering group decided to let participants choose topics.

outcomes of the open discussion:

  • There were tons of great ideas from the use cases discussed in 2014. The question arose which use cases should really be discussed by the steering group, as not al of the use cases have the same priority. This will be the topic of our first call. Each attendee is expected to create their personal use cases top 5 and put it into a comment on the wiki page of the February meeting before the start of the call.
  • DCAT is a good group for finding deficiencies or improving the DSpace documentation as most of us have a not to technical background but are experienced repository managers.
  • maybe we put the bar to high for people who want to attend the meetings for the first time. There are two things we could change for improving this:
    • DuraSpace could provide some training (just explaining) on things that are relatively simple for experienced users, but might be complicated for new users. Such topics could include how to ingest workflow or how the handle system works.
    • Up to now we are using conference calls for the DCAT meetings. Because this medium itself could form a certain threshold, we might want to consider other media,e.g. Google Hangouts.
  • The format of the meetings should be taken into consideration. There's the idea of a webinar format, in which someone first gives a 20 minute slideshow presentation on the topic followed by a discussion.

DSpace 5 discussion

The new features in DSpace 5 are listed on

Discussed features:

  • All dspace objects now have Dublin Core metadata

  • now there is linked open data support, but it is unclear what kind of benefits people will gain from this. This is something that should be clarified.

  • ImageMagick / Ghostscript Filter Media Plugin for Thumbnail Generation

  • REST API authorisation possibilities: This is not yet documented. 

DSpace steering group update

 The DSpace steering group will be hiring a contractor to design a roadmap for the development of future DSpace versions. This Contractor will have to be someone close to the Dspace community. He or she will be performing the roll of a project manager who will be drawing as many stakeholders as possible into the conversation. This way light is shed on the situation from many angles and the discussion on what core features of DSpace should change will be going on. 

Call Attendees (main+satellite)