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Date & Time

  • February 12th 16:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 EST

Zoom meeting:

We will be using the DSpace Zoom Meeting Room for our meeting.

Meeting location:  

Enter Meeting ID: 502 527 3040 , followed by #

Zoom information: DSpace Meeting Room

Meeting facilitated by Pauline


  • CoreTrustSeal Data Repository certification
  • Updates from the DSpace Documentation and Training Working Group

Preparing for the call

If you can join the call, or are willing to comment on the topics submitted via the meeting page, please add your name, institution, and repository URL to the Call Attendees section below.  

CoreTrustSeal requirements information

The requirements for CoreTrustSeal are provided on the website. N.B. the 'Extended Guidance' document is aimed at reviewers rather than repository managers applying for the seal. So a better place to start is the Introduction to the requirements (two-page PDF) and then the requirements themselves (fourteen-page PDF listing sixteen detailed requirements, most of which involve providing lots of documentation on policies and procedures). Likewise with respect to the webinars which are listed on the same page - be aware that the first webinar is aimed at reviewers primarily, not applicants.

Meeting notes

Core Trust Requirements:

  • sensitive data

Call Attendees

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  1. Updates from the DSpace Documentation and Training Working Group - Iryna Kuchma is checking with the repository managers in Africa what would be the best format for these training materials - e.g. recorded tutorials, wikipages, presentations/slides, text guides, etc. - to make sure that the content we produce is inclusive for repositories managers worldwide (and we won't be spending our time on recording something that require a lot of bandwidth to watch). 

    Request for training materials from African repository managers we work with (those who used to get training materials from this page: 

    Overview of DSpace
    Designing the repository
    DSpace administration
    DSpace Users and Group management
    DSpace communities and collections management
    DSpace workflow for items submission
    DSpace Administrator tools
    Metadata editing
    Items Submission

    And apologies, travelling now and won't be able to join the call!

    1. Iryna, what version of DSpace would be the priority for the African repository managers?

      1. I would focus on the under support versions 5.x and 6.x, although some still use 3.x and 4.x (sad)

  2. My colleague Hrafn Malmquist agrees that trying to convert PDFs containing graphics or exotic fonts is a world of pain. But his preferred software for attempting the task would be pdftk the PDF Toolkit.

  3. About dealing with Items to be eliminated, whether they are duplicates or for some other reason, we have created a tombstone function:

    1. P.S. as requested here's an example Item - in this case, the dataset was superseded, and we also did not want users to attempt to use the files because one of them was corrupted, so we tombstoned it:

      The page of embargoed items looks different, with the filenames visible, with padlock symbols on them.

      There have been other unexpected applications of the tombstone feature - it came in very useful when we learned that a depositor who had an embargo on her item had left to go to a rival research group, and we found no means in DSpace to change the destination email address for request-a-copy messages. In other words this researcher had the ability to agree to release the data to anyone, and the only way we could prevent her doing so was to withdraw, delete or tombstone the Item until the embargo was supposed to expire. Of course we didn't want the metadata hidden, so we put the tombstone on temporarily. But we had to put reminders to ourselves in our diaries to lift the tombstone when the time came! (smile)