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Date & Time

  • August 11th 15:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 EDT


We will use the international conference call dial-in. Please follow directions below.

  • U.S.A/Canada toll free: 866-740-1260, participant code: 2257295
  • International toll free:
    • Use the above link and input 2257295 and the country you are calling from to get your country's toll-free dial in #
    • Once on the call, enter participant code 2257295


Review: Proposed features for DSpace 6.

The DSpace Release 6.0 Status page now has an UNCONFIRMED release plan for DSpace 6 and an incomplete list of proposed features. Many of these features are currently still looking for a volunteer to implement.

By reviewing and vetting some of these suggestions, we may be able to raise the profile on this work so that a volunteer may be found in time to get this developed prior to the pull request deadline of September 30th. 


Proposed agenda item: Is there any interest in getting behind developing something akin to the JISC Publication Router? (Jim O. can say more about this if there's interest and time)

  • This is a proposed agenda item from the July call, not sure if Jim O can attend this time to talk about this.

Potential extra topic:

Preparing for the call

Please look at the DSpace Release 6.0 Status page and see if any of the proposed features are particularly relevant/important to you.

Meeting notes

We took an early look at the DSpace 6 release status page.

DSpace 6 will be the last "bring us what you got" release. This does not imply people will no longer be able to contribute their own developments to future versions of DSpace. Although those versions will have to contain certain features according to the DSpace roadmap, people will also be able to propose their own features assuming those are compliant with the DSpace roadmap.

DSpace 6' candidate features are listed on the DSpace 6 release status page. Some of these features currently have no volunteers for analyzing or developing them. Though development should be done by a developer there is also room for non technical persons to contribute to this features as some of them will first need to be functionally analyzed.

You can volunteer for a certain feature by reacting to the corresponding Jira ticket ( and assigning yourself as a volunteer.

Current candidate features:

(for a full list see the candidate features list)

Single Search / Browse System (SOLR)

This is mainly a refactoring task. Although solr serves all browse and search features there are still lucene indexes in there. Kim Sheperd volunteered to overcome this issue.

Single Embargo system

We are still carrying around code from old embargo systems, this should be cleaned up. Sarah Potvin applied as volunteer during the meeting.

Single built-in Statistical Engine (SOLR Statistics)

ElasticSearch could possibly be moved to an external module. This way there would only be one internal statistical engine in DSpace. As it is the case with many features this would be done to eliminate duplicate ways of doing things.

Service Based API / Hibernate

Major refactoring project on a deep level of the DSpace codebase. By doing this DSpace will no longer be limited to Oracle and PostgreSQL. Kevin Van de Velde (@mire) is mainly doing this work. DSpace committers are currently voting on this feature. It is very likely to be included in DSpace 6.

Enhanced Solr Statistical Reports

There is currently no Jira ticket for this feature. Before we can start developing this someone should elaborate what the enhanced statistical reports should be capable of, how extensive they should be.

Enhancing Item Level Versioning

Currently only admins are capable of creating a new version. This should also be possible for end-users.

There are open questions in the Jira ticket. It would be good if an answer could be stated for them.

PubMed lookup for Mirage 2

Similar to the already existing PubMed lookup feature in JSPUI there should be a PubMed lookup feature for XMLUI when starting a new submission.

Oauth authentication plugin

This feature should enable users to login using Oauth accounts. For example this could enable log in with a google or facebook account.

Reloadable / Dynamic Configurations

This would be the first step in moving DSpace configuration to the admin User Interface. Although this feature is meant for future use it will probably already be implemented in DSpace 6.

Jisc publication router.

This feature was proposed to DCAT by Jim Ottaviani during the previous DCAT call.

The representative of Bepress is currently talking to Richard Rodgers, who is prototyping on a service similar to jisc publication router. This feature should allow more automated deposits in the repository. though the submission would be automatic, items would still be going through a workflow. DCAT agrees such feature would be interesting for DSpace as well. For this reason it would be good to reach out to Richard. Jim will contact him.

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  1. Question that came in through email that we'll address in the call: What does it take to "volunteer" for a specific feature?