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I received six off-list responses, alongside three onlist ones.


  • Simple to get running, a lot of bang for the buck (3 mentions)
  • Checksum checker (3 mentions)
  • HTML display engine (3 mentions)
  • Search engine: "simple and fast" (2 mentions)
  • Manakin theming (2 mentions)
  • Legible displays, easy structuring of data and depositors into communities/collections
  • Flexible Dublin Core, easy defining and rebuilding of indexes
  • Storage in SQL database
  • Easy to showcase and share data
  • Community spirit and visionary dedication!
  • Configurable submission workflow, metadata templating
  • Maven dealing with Java dependencies


  • Complexity of authorization/permissions system, poor fit with real-world workflows, too much work for DSpace admins that can't be delegated (5 mentions)
  • Communities/collections model confusing and unintuitive for end-users (3 mentions)
  • Submission process needs streamlining and simplification; input-forms.xml needs to be end-user editable (3 mentions)
  • Allow bitstream updating/addition after deposit by users and collection administrators (me, George)
  • Doesn't automatically feed people into user groups based on LDAP group membership
  • Allow depositors to withdraw their own items
  • Difficult to customize; also, moving to Manakin costs functionality
  • Documentation scattered and confusing
  • Can only use Postgres and Oracle databases
  • Too-close integration with handles


I tried to exclude this from the question, but I got a lot of it anyway!

  • better i18n (community/collection descriptions, metadata-input forms) (3 mentions)
  • statistics (per item, per author) (3 mentions)
  • batch import of citation-only references from a single document
  • web UI to prompt a reindexing
  • add "also by" (author) or "see also" (subject) links to item pages
  • persistent bitstream handles/URLs
  • HTML in metadata (e.g. abstracts)
  • embargo support
  • bulk metadata editing through a web UI