Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.10.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.


  1. The Grant entity has attributes to record funding amounts, label, abstract, local award ID (the ID as assigned by the administering organization), and sponsorAwardID (the ID of the grant as assigned by the funding organization)
  2. The FundingOrganization is related to the grant through vivo:assigns and vivo:assignedBy.  For additional details regarding modeling organizations, see Organization Model
  3. An organization, often an academic department, typically has a role in administering the grant.  This is modeling using an AdminRole which associated the grant, the role and the organization administering the grant.
  4. The grant may have one or more subject areas, represented as skos:Concept.  See Concept Model.
  5. One or more people will be associated with the grant through roles.  There will be one role for each person.  The role associates the person with the grant.  For additional detail regarding the modeling of people, see Person Model
  6. The grant has an associate dateTimeInterval.  See DateTimeValue and DateTimeInterval Models


Ontology Diagram Legend
Dark blue – the entity being modeled

Light blue – entities dependent on the entity being modeled. These will typically be created along with the entity being modeled, and should be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.

Green  – independent entities. These typically pre-exist in your VIVO when adding the entity being modeled. These should not be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.

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