Old Release

This documentation relates to an old version of VIVO, version 1.10.x. Looking for another version? See all documentation.


  1. Organizations in VIVO are entities with rdf:type foaf:Organization.  vivo:overview is used to provide a text description of the organization typically displayed on its profile page. A vcard is used to record contact information, URLs and geolocation.
  2. VIVO provides a controlled vocabulary of organization types as rdfs:subClassOf foaf:Organization.  To create a list of the available organization types, use the SPARQL query below:

    SELECT ?s
        ?s rdfs:subClassOf foaf:Organization . 
  3. Organizations may have relationships to other organizations.  The "part of" relationship describes an organization as part of another in a hierarchical sense.  For example, the History Department may be part of a College of Liberal Arts.  The "successor" relationship describes an organization which no longer exists, and for which a successor organization now exists. The "affiliatedOrganization" organization describes an organization affiliated with the primary organization.  The relationship is not symmetric, that is, the inverse is not inferred by the Inferencer.  Assert the reverse affiliation as needed.
  4. Many other attributes and relationships are available for organizations.  The model shown here is typical for VIVO implementations.


Ontology Diagram Legend
Dark blue – the entity being modeled

Light blue – entities dependent on the entity being modeled. These will typically be created along with the entity being modeled, and should be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.

Green  – independent entities. These typically pre-exist in your VIVO when adding the entity being modeled. These should not be removed if the entity being modeled is removed.


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