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Some tips for writing wiki pages:

  • If you see something that could be improved, improve it.
  • Write for the web. See Google: write for the web
  • Write short pages focused on a single topic.
  • If you don't need headings (on a very short page such as this one), don't use them.
  • Since your pages will be short, don't use table of contents on your pages (but see Maintaining release-specific info on the Wiki for special instructions regarding release specific technical documentation).  If you feel the need for a table of contents, break up your content into multiple pages
  • Label your pages.  See All Labels for a list of labels currently in use.  But don't worry about navigation or labels. Your page may be renamed, relabeled or otherwise made easier to find by others.  
  • Rely on wiki formatting. No need for HTML or complexity. Let the wiki format your work.
  • Rely on wiki navigation.  If you would like to suggest a page order within some page hierarchy, please contact Mike Conlon or one of the other wiki maintainers.  The left hand navigation provides all the visual clues people need to browse the wiki.
  • Work logged in to the wiki. Write and update your pages as you work. This results in highly topical, accurate pages.
  • There are many well-written guides for wiki authors. Find a popular one-pager, and give writing a try.
  • Use the Confluence Info macro at the top of the page to indicate that the content is obsolete, or represents work in progress, or other status information.  You can find the info macro in the editor under the "+" pull down menu.