The VIVO wiki is the central repository for information regarding VIVO.  Governance, working groups, task forces, event planning, release documentation – all make their homes here in the VIVO wiki.

Here we gather some principles and planning docs regarding the organization and maintenance of the VIVO wiki.

The basics

The VIVO wiki can be daunting to all of us.  It is big (>1700 pages), and has quite a bit of historical (one might say obsolete) content.  Here are some tips for using the wiki:

  • If you see something wrong, fix it.  It's a wiki.  You can edit it.
  • To find something, use the "Search the VIVO wiki" in the left hand menu.  It has a variety of ways to find things in the wiki.
  • If you are writing for the wiki, use some labels.  They help people find things.  See Using Wiki Labels
  • Take a look at the left hand menu.  It presents high-level topics of interest to the VIVO community.  These topics drive much of the conversation and over time, the material under each should improve through our joint effort.  Comments about the organization of the wiki can be left as comments on this page.
  • See Writing a Wiki Page for some general tips on writing and editing the VIVO wiki.
  • See Recently Updated for a list of pages recently updated on the VIVO wiki.