Task force objectives

  • The VIVO Scholar Task Force consists of members from three or more institutions, but the majority come from Duke University and Texas A&M University.
    • Most of the members will have been involved with the Product Evolution Task Force in some way. 
    • We aim to keep the development team small, with 8 members or fewer if possible, and to include developers with applicable skills.
    • Some developers may contribute for specific tasks or for specific sprints.
  • The task force will operate with continuous, three-week sprints. Work will be deliverable-based rather than exploratory.
  • Weekly meetings will be closed to keep discussions focused but videos of the meetings are shared.
  • We intend to streamline development processes and meetings as much as we can.
  • We'll create demos at milestone points to share with the community and get feedback.


@Damaris Murry, Duke University

@Richard Outten, Duke University

@Julia Trimmer, Duke University


Paul Albert, Weill Cornell Medicine

Don Elsborg, CU Boulder

Hans Harlacher , Duke University

 Robert Nelson, Duke University

Ralph O'Flinn, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Harry Thakkar, Duke University

Alex Viggio, CU Boulder

William Welling, Texas A&M

Jim Wood , Duke University

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