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Interested in helping to develop a camp for VIVO newcomers? Please contact any of the task force members.


VIVO is constantly being evaluated by sites around the world.  Some of these sites choose to move forward with implementation, and some of these sites become production VIVO sites.  In the past, VIVO has had an "Implementation Fest" to provide newcomers with an opportunity to learn more about the VIVO community, its software, and its ontologies.  The Fest was fun, but was unstructured, without a curriculum, and without any formal instruction.  With the maturing of the VIVO community, and the software, a new approach is needed to provide an organized, fun, engaging, informative, and productive experience focused entirely on those new to VIVO.


Develop a VIVO Camp that can be held as needed.  The camp engages newcomers to the VIVO community, providing an introduction to VIVO for planning, evaluation, and implementation purposes.  The camp is not a developers camp, nor a hackathon.  It is intended for those new to VIVO, to provide them with an introduction to research networking systems, the VIVO community, software, and data models.  The camp must be sustainable – revenue from the camp must be sufficient to offset the expenses of holding a camp.


  • Business plan – done.  The project may need to subsidize the camp for the first year.  Break even is near 20 attendees.
  • Timeline – see below
  • Curriculum – available here
  • Training Materials – under development

Suggested schedule


Form taskforce, recruit members, develop charter. Identify date and time for first camp


Develop business plan. Outline curriculum. Identify existing materials


Refine curriculum. Collect and refine existing materials. Begin new materials


Open registration. Continue to refine materials


Confirm registrants. Go/no-go for first campFeb

If camp is a go, hold first camp

Post camp activities – thank yous, revising, archivingApr



Mike Conlon – task force chair

Paul Albert

Julia Trimmer

Violeta Ilik

others to be solicited from the VIVO Community – contact Mike Conlon if you are interested in helping!

Meeting Times


Communication Channels

  • Distribute proposed charter and solicit participation from community via VIVO Updates and Email Lists

  • Announce task force creation and progress on Interest Groups calls

  • This page and its child pages will document the work of the task force

Agendas and Notes

  • Solicit agenda items from task force members 3 days before meeting

  • Prepare agenda and distribute no less than 24 hours before meeting