July 5, 2023

VIVO 1.14 is now available!

What's New in 1.14.0

Simplified process for installation and customization

The VIVO-languages and Vitro-languages projects are not needed anymore for the installation of VIVO (or Vitro). Customization of UI labels can be specified in local custom ttl files by using private-use language subtags (such as de_DE_x_tib, or fr_CA_x_uqam). Those changes can be made in separated directory in VIVO_HOME, which won't be affected (deleted, overwritten) by any further upgrade of VIVO to newer version. 

Eliminating language specific FTL files

Phrases sensitive on gender and plural-related transformation of words, and other variations related to other morphological changes in different languages have been replaced with more generic changes insensitive on those linguistic transformations. This eliminates need for some language-specific FTL files, especially in the case of loading data from the graph, and improve user-experience.  

Simplified process of supporting new languages

Up to VIVO 1.13.0, adding of a new user interface language required changes in VIVO-languages and Vitro-languages projects in different directories for web application property files and for data which should be preserved in graph. Moreover, it required changes of couple Maven specific files (pom.xml), meaning it required a technical person included in the process of adding new language. Starting from the VIVO 1.14.0, adding of new language can be performed by a translator requiring only a basic knowledge of the ontology notation. 

Improvement of performance for startup of VIVO

The operations of loading and removing sample data, adding and removing model, clearing statements have been improved more than 5 times comparing to VIVO 1.13.0 and prior versions.  

Faux data properties

Besides support faux object properties, VIVO from 1.14.0 also supports faux data properties. 

For the complete list of issues resolved, see https://wiki.lyrasis.org/display/VIVODOC114x/Release+Notes#ReleaseNotes-ResolvedIssues

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