The VIVO community is organizing Regional User Groups to help local users find each other. User Groups are a great way to learn about VIVO, Local users can discuss common requirements, share strategies, and collaborate on solutions.

Ideas for Starting a VIVO User Group

  • Email the VIVO Community mailing list to identify users in your area and gauge interest.
  • Create a Google Group and invite users who express interest.
  • Organize a local meeting.
  • Send a survey to identify topics of interest and find commonalities.
  • Hold a webinar about hot topics, and share different approaches.

Already have a User Group?

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How the VIVO Project Can Help

The VIVO Project provides the following communication channels to enable your user group to be conducted in any language, 

  • Create a wiki page for your user group (see below) 
  • Create a slack channel
  • Use the VIVO Zoom room

VIVO User Groups

German VIVO User Group

Spanish VIVO User Group (new!)

North American User Group (new!)


Fedora User Groups 

DSpace User Groups 

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