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The initial functionality produced by UQAM in advance of this sprint can be found in the following VIVO and Vitro branches:

In addition to the functional changes in these branches, there are also extraneous whitespace updates. Unfortunately, for the sanity of VIVO developers now and in the future, we have a policy of disallowing pull-requests that include whitespace/reformatting changes mixed in with functional changes.

Actually, this may be an opportunity in disguise!

In advance of the sprint, it would be helpful if all team members were familiar with the Git processes that will be used during the sprint (forking, cloning, creating branches, pushing commits to GitHub, making pull-requests, etc). We also need to remove the extraneous whitespace updates in advance of the sprint. There are 21 updated files in the VIVO and Vitro branches above that need whitespace remediation. If we all take ~2 files, not only will the code be ready for the sprint, but everyone will have gone through the Git/GitHub processes that will be required during the sprint... win! win!

GitHub file cleaning process

  1. Fork the VIVO and Vitro projects into your personal GitHub accounts (this is done in GitHub)
  2. Clone the VIVO and Vitro projects from your personal forks
    1. git clone<your-github-id>/VIVO.git
      git clone<your-github-id>/Vitro.git
  3. For whichever project contains the files you will be working (let's use 'VIVO' as the example), check out your own branch that is based on the sprint branch: 'sprint-i18n-whitespace'. It is recommended that you work on a branch that is based on the shared ('sprint-i18n-whitespace') branch so that you can continue to track updates from the team in 'sprint-i18n-whitespace' without having conflict with your current work.
    1. cd VIVO
      git checkout -b my-whitespace origin/sprint-i18n-whitespace
  4. Remove the extraneous whitespace updates in the 'my-whitespace' branch for the files that you have generously agreed to fix
    1. Note: Do whatever makes sense to you. My process is to:
      1. Use the GitHub pre-pull-requests linked below to identify which lines have updates that need to be reverted
      2. Use the `master` branch of VIVO (or Vitro) to see the file that you are working on. Sometimes whitespace was added; other times removed; sometimes spaces were replaced by tabs or vice versa. You will want to view the `master` branch version of the file to know what your whitespace goal is. 
        1. git checkout master
          cp <your-file> <some-location-outside-of-your-git-project>
      3. Use your `my-whitespace` version of your file to actually work on
        1. git checkout my-whitespace
          vi <your-file>
    2. As you are making updates, you can check to see your progress by viewing the "diff" between the file in your `my-whitespace` branch and the file in the `master` branch
      1. # Let's say the file you are working on is ""
        git diff my-whitespace master -- api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/
  5. Once you have removed all of the extraneous whitespace changes, commit your updates, and push to your personal GitHub fork
    1. # See which files have been changed (hopefully only the ones you were working on)
      git status
      # Add the files to the upcoming commit
      git add .
      # Commit the changes locally
      git commit -m "Removed extraneous whitespace"
      # Push the commit to your personal GitHub fork
      git push origin my-whitespace:my-whitespace
  6. Now that you have an updated branch in your personal GitHub, you should submit a GitHub pull-request to the `sprint-i18n-whitespace` branch in the core VIVO or Vitro projects
  7. Celebrate! Success!


If a pattern in the code is recognized, the following may be scripts may be useful, or provide inspiration:

sed -i 's/^[[:space:]]/    /' <file>
sed -i 's/^\t/    /' <file>

File assignments

Each person has been allocated one "easy" file and one "hard" file (smile)... except, Michel, who gets four "easies".

Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek

  • (tick) Vitro:  ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/controller/freemarker/ (checked but did not find any whitespace problems, code changes only.
  • Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/VTwo/fields/

Rachid Belkouch

Michel Héon

  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/VTwo/ - all updates in this file can be reverted (vitro-pr143, & added
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-154, & removed
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/visualization/utilities/ (vivo-pr-154)
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/visualization/utilities/ (vivo-pr-154)

Andrew Woods

  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/controller/freemarker/ (vitro-pr-146)
  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/rdfservice/impl/jena/model/ (vitro-pr-147)

Christian Hauschke

Joachim Dornbusch

Matthias Lühr

  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-158)
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-158)
  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/dao/jena/ (vitro-pr-152)
  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/utils/dataGetter/ (vitro-pr-152)

Nicolas Dickner

  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-151)
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-153)
  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/rdfservice/impl/ (vitro-pr-141)
  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/controller/freemarker/ (vitro-pr-144)
  • (tick) Vitro: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/services/shortview/ (vitro-pr-145)
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-155)
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-156)
  • (tick) VIVO: ./api/src/main/java/edu/cornell/mannlib/vitro/webapp/edit/n3editing/configuration/generators/ (vivo-pr-161)

Maxence Gévaudan

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