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Calls are held every week at 1 pm eastern standard time (GMT-5) – convert to your time at

Please add additional agenda items or updates – this is a lighter than usual agenda, and we always welcome suggestions


  • Colorado – coming close to dates in mid-May for an implementation workshop. Working with Kristi Holmes on the format and participation criteria
  • Cornell – new HR ingest
  • Duke – no news to report this week
  • Florida – VIVO now at 1.3 and looking to move to 1.4 as soon as the 1.4.1 release comes out; also another stab at ingesting Peoplesoft; talking about a point release
  • Johns Hopkins – upgraded to 1.4 and problem from last week is gone; still working with the university on permissions to use data
  • North Texas – preparing for the iConference – Nicholas sent some stuff. Getting a lot more active through participation in the dev list
  • Stony Brook – doing some list view work and has questions. May not go the user ingest route since a multi-campus site – EZProxy and OpenId – people can see publications but want to click through to the full text – but access depends on their descriptions. But what if offsite? Jon – try InCommon
  • Weill Cornell - Working on Scopus Harvester and found some minor bugs on the way. Fixed some like xslt issn, page start/end etc. Recently discovered a tricky bug as posted on the list – has to do with duplication of journals (and other entities). The Harvester tries to find matches for the resource URI in the VIVO Jena model, and if it finds a match, replaces the temporary URI with a permanent on. Removes and then adds the new permanent URI, but afterwards when it comes to matching and changing the namespace, it goes back to the Jena model for temporary uris in a distinctive namespace (e.g., Somehow is ending up with duplicates, since the temporary ones are not being deleted. Chris Haines offered to look into the issue, and posted log output to pastebin.
  • Mummi – nothing new to report; stuff brewing in the development of the initial ORCID release. Preparing for a May development/hacker workshop at Harvard in May, adjacent to the stakeholder meeting. Has been strong interest in having a workshop before the service launches. Cornell and Florida both interested.
  • Any other sites represented

Notable Development List Traffic

  • Jess M (Otago, New Zealand) – Vince Sposato has been helping explain replacing the Activemq jar file; a 1.3.1 point release of the Harvestser may be coming soon reflecting this and other changes from production use at Florida. The older version of Activemq works fine and solves the log4j issue.
  • Tammy (Stony Brook) – working on mass ingest of users with help from Chris Haines.
  • Tammy – template work – trying to understand how it works. Played with some of the existing ones
  • John O (UPenn) wondering about server and database configuration for a VIVO with 200,000+ publications
  • Nick V (Eindhoven) – any way to hide the Person class on the home tab? – Brian C: there's code in the Freemarker template to put the list together and also in Javascript – attempting to filter out a class if it's the superclass of all the classes on the list, which should be true for foaf:Person, but it doesn't seem to be working correctly. Could skip foaf:person explicitly as a temporary hack.
    • a different issue from what we talked about last week, trying to get additional information about the people listed
  • Tammy and Nicholas – "unresponsive script" message when modifying menu page configuration – (Brian C) – the controller may be introducing spurious information that confuses the javascript. Not browser-specific. Probably a bug in our Javascript – an issue has been created

Other topics

  • From Kristi Holmes – I will kick off adoption/outreach calls on the 21 of February. I'll send an announcement to the different lists, but it would be great if you can tell attendees that this is an option for the people at their institutions/organizations who are working with local adoption issues (training, policy, FAQs, etc.) It seems like this might be a worthwhile activity to support some of the local efforts. We’ll see if the calls need to be biweekly or if we can move them to monthly, depending on the response.
  • Also from Kristi: she has aggregated a list of upcoming meetings where VIVO folks might want to get together for dinner or coffee (or a more potent potable). Please invite everyone to add events that they’ll be attending as well as their names to events that are already listed. I hope that this list will give us a way to build upon the already amazing VIVO community and might provide a nice way for us to all connect in real life and have face-to-face conversations.
  • Development planning update from Cornell – anything from IU?
  • List view modification – basic patterns and applying modifications in Vitro
  • Jon will be at a euroCRIS meeting in Bath, England next Thursday, so we need a volunteer to lead this meeting next Thursday, February 9

Call-in Information

1. Please join my meeting.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (773) 897-3008
Access Code: 322-087-560
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 322-087-560

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