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Please add additional agenda items or updates


  • Colorado – FWIW, our grad student was able to upgrade our VIVO 1.2 Selenium scripts to upload all of our current CU faculty/researcher data into VIVO 1.3 and 1.4, so we're able to upgrade without having to learn Harvester
  • Cornell – preparing a 1.4.1 bug fix release; fixed deadlock issues
  • Duke – potentially interested in working with Cornell on css and javascript changes to individual display pages
  • Florida – probably immune to this since using the Harvester to write directly to the database; a crash last week due to change namespace
  • Johns Hopkins – working on getting data from HR; concerned about whether the policy of Elsevier would allow posting data from Scopus. Eliza indicates the agreement at Weill permits them to show publications only from Weill Cornell researchers from the time they are employed at Weill; are working to get permission to post earlier publications while at different institutions. Cannot post abstracts.
    • are hearing some concerns about centralizing data that may be publicly available in a disaggregated way
  • North Texas – preparing for iConference in February to evangelize VIVO in the iSchool movement – resource challenges and other tools; want to point people to the wiki and install guides but also prepare a summary of their approach
  • Stony Brook – writing list view changes; questions from the ontology call that apply to the dev call:
    • Stella has written a page about finding the top organization in a hierarchy using a SPARQL query that recursively navigates up the subOrganizationOf property; the list vew has a simple construct to create a model, a query for the model created, and then some processing
      • Could filter to only look for things that were college, or filter based on there being no
      • Additionally, something is rendering the preferred title under the person's name – menupage-browse.ftl calls a macro to that goes to get data; browseByVClass.js decides what is displayed
    • Tammy adds later: I found out that listedIndividual.ftl (vivo-rel-1.4/productMods/templates/freemarker/body/partials) is what gets called when you in the Browse By section (attached), or when you click on an item in the Index ( menupage-browse.ftl does this thing where I guess browseByVClass.js gets loaded beforehand, and then the individuals-in-class gets rendered. Because if you comment this section out, none of the individuals get displayed on the menu page:
      • <section id="individuals-in-class" role="region">
                <ul role="list">
                    <#-- Will be populated dynamically via AJAX request -->
    • In browseByVClass.js... how this line works is beyond me; I'd love to learn what actually happens though:
      • this.individualsInVClass = $('#individuals-in-class ul');
        but that's what goes with the "section id" tag in menupage-browse.ftl
  • Weill Cornell – request to update production VIVO to 1.4 is in the queue. Have already upgraded the test site
  • Any other sites represented

Notable Development List Traffic

  • Alex Viggio
    • the results of a Drupal survey on open source community building
    • he will be at DrupalCon in Denver, March 19-23 and would love to meet up with people involved in or interested in VIVO
  • Any update from Stephen on Sourceforge SVN version numbering – this might relate to the time the repository was disabled by an https:// commit – might need a flush; will send us the link; they are on IRC chat as well
  • Jess & Jim – template editing and when changes take effect; look at section 9 of the Site Admin guide for pointers, to – sec
  • how to modify Ant scripts to make redeployment faster in development
  • format of URIs minted in the Harvester – any downsides to using non-random URIs generated from other identifiers?
  • Nick Veenstra – VIVO as a way to demo multiple aspects of the semantic web at once; "it's software like this that will make the semantic web mainstream to our public."

Other topics

  • Brian Caruso and Stella Mitchell are willing to serve on CTSA Research Networking subgroups, most likely Deployment or Protoyping
  • Stanford Linked Data Workshop Technology Plan

Call-in Information

1. Please join my meeting.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (773) 897-3008
Access Code: 322-087-560
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 322-087-560

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