Interested in helping to develop a VIVO data loader? Please contact any of the task force members.


VIVO has an extremely flexible data model based on its ontologies.  VIVO represents its data in a triple store.  Sites must take traditional "rectangular" row and column data and transform it into triples in order to load VIVO.  Previous approaches to loading data require extensive knowldege of VIVO semantics, the semantic web, and RDF.  A simpler approach is needed for loading people and papers into VIVO.  The simpler approach should be able to load and update people and people information from a spreadsheet, and during the load process, automatically find and update and publications associated with the person.


Develop a new data loader utility that can be distributed with VIVO to simplify the task of loading VIVO with data.

Develop an extensible architecture for loading additional content types and sources


  • Data loader software
  • Data loader examples
  • A white paper on the data loader approach, comparing it to other approaches such as the Harvester, Karma, the Pump, and custom scripts.
  • Technical documentation

Suggested schedule






Mike Conlon – task force chair

Ted Lawless

Rodney Jacobson

others to be solicited from the VIVO Community – contact Mike Conlon if you are interested in helping!

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  • Distribute proposed charter and solicit participation from community via VIVO Updates and Email Lists

  • Announce task force creation and progress on Interest Groups calls

  • This page and its child pages will document the work of the task force

Agendas and Notes

  • Solicit agenda items from task force members 3 days before meeting

  • Prepare agenda and distribute no less than 24 hours before meeting