The VIVO Project uses a collection of technologies.  You may find the materials here helpful in learning more about technologies used by VIVO.

  • RMLMapper – presented at the 2019 VIVO Conference, RMLMapper is a tool for defining maps from data sources to RDF.
  • robot – robot is a command-line Java-based tool of the OBO Foundry for manipulating RDF files and developing ontologies.  robot includes a reasoner, a template capability, validation, merge and other ontology tools.  The VIVO ontology interest group uses robot to develop ontologies.  The Language Ontology was developed using robot.
  • SHACL – W3c Standard Shapes Constraint Language, a standard for specifying constraints on graph data using RDF.
  • Fuseki - Jena project free-standing SPARQL end-point. . Loading VIVO triples into a Fuseki end-point can provide in-memory SPARQL query at high speed.

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