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3 PM US Eastern Time

Call-in Information

Please see calendar invite for the Zoom link.


Ann Beynon

Michele Mennielli

David Wilcox

Terrie R. Wheeler

Julia Trimmer




  1. Conference follow-up
    1. Which presenters and attendees should we follow-up with?
    2. What is our strategy for engagement over the next few months?
  2. Membership renewal updates
    1. Current status and follow-up actions
  3. Membership outreach webinar
    1. Follow-up emails?
  4. Outreach and marketing
    1. Can we produce a simple introductory video for VIVO to share with potential adopters in lieu of a live demo?
  5. Recommended changes to VIVO Leadership elections
    1. What changes would this group recommend?
  6. Other membership and community engagement activities
    1. Organizing user group meetings
    2. Webinar series?
    3. What other activities make sense in the context of the pandemic?
  7. Prospect tracking review


Membership Renewal Updates

  1. Brown reducing from Gold to Silver
  2. Clarivate consolidating RSP and corporate sponsorship. Will result in a net reduction in revenue

Conference Follow-up

  1. For presenters
    1. Reach out, find out if they would like to be more engaged
    2. TIB is the primary VIVO hub for Germany
      1. Lots of promotion for VIVO, not sure about membership
    3. Danish institutions running a national project with VIVO
      1. Reach out to learn more and pitch membership at the national level

VIVO Sites

  1. Need to have a standing agenda item at this meeting to review new sites as they are added to the registry

Action Items

  • Michele Mennielli Will talk to LYRASIS colleagues about allowing VIVO members to pay invoices in non USD currency.
  • All: Next meeting review election practices and make recommendations for changes for next year
  • Michele Mennielli David Wilcox develop strategy for following-up with conference attendees and presenters
  • David Wilcox add list of conference presenter institutions to prospect spreadsheet
  • David Wilcox Cross-reference VIVO sites with presenter institutions
  • David Wilcox Update list of VIVO sites and add a standing agenda item to review new sites
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