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Development interest group

  • Successful VIVO Conference
  • Collecting input on proposed Development Priorities
  • Development focus on i18n (see below)
  • VIVO Committers
    • Two committers have transitioned to "emeritus" status: Muhammad Javed, John Ferreira
    • Immediate potential for new committer(s) - stay tuned

Ontology interest group

Membership and community engagement interest group

  • Received low number of responses for the member forum so we will instead record an update to send to members and invite them to one-on-one calls to chat further
  • Drafting a set of recommendations for future Leadership Group elections to increase community engagement

VIVO Scholar task force

The task force is pleased to announce VIVO Scholar 0.9.0-beta and Scholars Discovery 1.0.0-RC1. VIVO Scholar is an optional UI that can be installed with an existing VIVO site. The VIVO Scholar UI is easy to customize and provides additional faceted search features. Scholars Discovery is a middleware component that consumes VIVO data and makes it available in GraphQL, which provides an easy query interface for web developers  to re-use VIVO data.

  • For more about VIVO Scholar, see the VIVO Scholar Task Force wiki page.
  • The VIVO Scholar README and the Scholars Discovery README in GitHub provide details about how to install these components.
  • William Welling from TAMU and Rob Nelson from Duke have been nominated to the Committers Group. 

Strategic communication task force

  • The task force recently sent a draft of the Strategic Communication Plan to the Leadership Group to submit their comments before the end of June.
  • We are working with LYRASIS on a modest update of the VIVO website and will be discussing a longer-term revision of the website as part of the DCSP updates.
  • The task force will transition to the Communication and Marketing Interest Group starting July 1. 

Internationalization task force

The next i18n sprint will be on June 22 - July 3rd. The goal of the sprint is to position i18n branches to be merged into core. The sprint will focus on bug fixes, code reviews for outstanding tickets, and documentation.

i18n task force members gave several presentations at the recent online VIVO conference 2020:

VIVO conference task force

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