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Call-in Information

Time: 10:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)



  1. Andrew Woods
  2. Michel Héon (Debugging, Making Selenium Test, Cleaning PR) 
  3. Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek
  4. Nicolas Dickner
  5. Matthias Lühr
  6. Dominik Feldschnieders
  7. Rachid Belkouch



  1. Goal: Position i18n branches to be merged into core

    1. Documentation
    2. Assessment of outstanding tickets
    3. Regression test
      1. Merging (Feature 1801 regtest) PR
    4. Validate and evaluate features that have been shipped in the Initial UQAM  Vivo i18n
  2. Sprint logistics / scheduling

Note: If you have not seen the i18n-editor demo, please watch:


Criteria for merge is the purpose of sprint, success criteria is to finish and remove i18n branch


1. document how to enable languages? need to update actual documentation. (for admins?) (VIVO-1763 i18n: Document how to install existing languages)

2. document how to create and add a new language (for developers?) (VIVO-1762 i18n: Document how to add new languages)

3. user documentation, for example , I have Vivo with German and French enabled, what does this mean in practice, how to i use internationalization in the interface? (minimal? for end users) + behaviour of the fallback mechanism? (VIVO-1764 i18n: Document how an end-user can use the i18n features)


  • Make a list of all new features introduced (Michel)

  • Reprioritize the bug list

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