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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-04:00)

To join the online meeting:



(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Don Elsborg
  2. Huda Khan 
  3. Benjamin Gross 
  4. Ralph O'Flinn 
  5. Brian Lowe 
  6. Michel Héon
  7. Nicolas Dickner (star)
  8. Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek
  9. Andrew Woods
  10. Rachid Belkouch


  1. The i18n effort continues
    1. Need merge from VIVO Committer (other than Andrew)
      1. VIVO-1785 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. VIVO-1777 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      3. VIVO-1782 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. Sprint next week
      1. Identifying participants
      2. Defining goals
  2. VIVO installation: the vision and requirements - Where does this conversation stand? Is there consensus?
    1. VIVO should be able to be deployed by dropping vivo.war into a servlet container (e.g. Tomcat)
    2. On startup, VIVO should create ${VIVO_HOME}, if it does not exist
    3. On startup, VIVO should download, start, and configure Solr, if it has not been configured
    4. System administrators should be able to enable i18n languages via runtime configuration files
    5. VIVO should only load i18n triples that are associated with enabled i18n languages
    6. Developers should be able to use a three-tier build to create a vivo.war for advanced customization
  3. Vitro JMS messaging approaches - redux
    1. Which architectural pattern should we take?
    2. What should the body of the messages be?
  4. VIVO Scholars... next steps
  5. Tickets to be reviewed
    1. VIVO-1851 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  6. Who is working on what? - Are there active tickets in-progress?
    1. T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  7. Incremental development initiatives
    1. VIVO-1688 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. VIVO-1751 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    3. Integration test opportunities with the switch to TDB - requires startup/shutdown of external Solr ..via Maven
      1. VIVO-1752 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. Status of In-Review tickets

    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Draft notes in Google-Doc 

1. VIVO installation: the vision and requirements 

  • Ralph and Don unsure about whether there was a consensus about war files
  • Andrew working on a PR : if there is an empty VIVO home dir, the war file will populate it ; if it is there, but not empty, the war file will not change it. A recent pull-request is configured to make sure only the rdf files specified get loaded in the db -- but less a matter of technical detail, but vision. All the languages are included in the war file, but only the ones specified in the are loade
  • Andrew : need a consensus on that option.
    • Ralph : agrees
    • Don : what about the non i18n RDF files (abox, tbox) ? Otherwise, sounds good ; would be great for deployment on AWS
    • Benjamin : “all for this”
    • Brian: agrees too.
    • Michel : agrees : that solution is ok for people who just want to install VIVO; not optimal from a dev standpoint ; but as far as UQAM is concerned, we’ll be using our own installer.
    • Huda : “The streamlined approach seems like a good idea.  I do wonder about debugging but that probably means I need to get better versed with debugging content in a .war file. That said, assuming this doesn't prevent download of the source as we normally have done it, but just adds an option for download and deployment, so in that case, anyone who wants to debug and develop the code should be set.”
    • Don and Ralph : discussions about CLI config maneuvers that would no longer be possible in that scenario??
  • Andrew : will move forward, since there seems to be consensus

2. I18n 

  • Tickets needed to be merged
    • Andrew reluctant to merge his own PR
    • Ralph will have a look at it
  • Sprint next week
    • Participants
    • Goals
      • Sacha : still has to test capability map, will test /review fixes, can test installs
      • Rachid Belkouch
      • Nic: will try to fix a few tickets, test events section, review fixes
      • Michel : fix bugs, make more regression tests, make an en_CA release (will need complex retagging in ontologies files -- will open a ticket about it > VIVO-1863 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
      • Andrew : will the Selenium tests will be incremental (several PR instead of a big one?) Michel : shall submit the tests by the end of sprint
      • Andrew : Benjamin has done rudimentary testing of a chinese version ; could it be useful to use it in the i18n testing process?
      • Andrew: other languages to add? (General “no”.)
      • Brian : will we eventually update lookup for Agrovoc vocabulary? Only available in English. (Andrew: interesting, but for another sprint?)



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