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The May i18n sprint ran from May 19 - 25. The top-level objective continues to be focused on moving the internationalization of VIVO forward. For this week-long sprint, the team accomplished the following:

  1. Completed 18 tickets that ranged from bugfixes to feature updates
  2. Finalized design and initial implementation of the regression-testing framework
  3. Added initial implementation of language files for en_CA
  4. Updated German (de_DE) language files
  5. Identified and created tickets for i18n bugs

Please join the next community i18n sprint: June 15 - 19


  1. Andrew Woods
  2. Michel Héon UQAM (Developper) (Bug fixing - Making Selenium test with vivo-regression-test)
  3. Alexander (Sacha) Jerabek (finish testing capability map, reviewing bug fixes)
  4. Nicolas Dickner  (finish testing Event sections, might fix easier bugs, review fixes)
  5. Rachid Belkouch (finish testing Research sections)
  6. Matthias Lühr (testing, bug reporting, german language files)
  7. Brian Lowe
  8. Benjamin Gross


  1. Adding en_CA language
  2. Clarify the vision about the replacement of the labels '@en_US' by '@en' in ontologies from VIVO & Vitro Repo and evaluate the consequence of these changes.
  3. Further progress in the identification of bugs in fr_CA


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