Thursday, April 16, 2020, 10 AM US Eastern Time

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  1. Updates
    1. On-line VIVO conference.  See VIVO Conference 2020 Task Force
    2. Violeta Ilik and Mike Conlon will present at CNI next Tuesday, April 21, 1:30 PM US Eastern time.  Similar to the VIVO Conference ontology talk.
  2. AEON (Academic Events Ontology)
    1. Philip is working on expressing the confident metadata schema as an OBO compliant ontology. 
    2. Christian will evaluate if a presentation of the status quo is possible in the next VIVO ontology call.
    3. Q: Will there be classes and properties in AEON outside the conference domain? A: Probably yes, has to be discussed in detail. At least we will have properties to connect to other domains (like aeon:hasOutput etc.).
  3. Language Ontology
    1. Brian: Properties will not be sufficient to link languages to documents. 
    2. Discussion about use cases. 
      1. work has a particular language, and/or has multiple translations
      2. language reading/speaking competencies
      3. research area of persons
    3. Melanie: Do we restrict ourselves to the ISO 639 languages? What's with languages and dialects not in the list?
    4. RfC will be announced soon by Mike, comments will be invited as github issues
  4. ORG ontology
    1. ROR was trying to include data from, but seems to have decided not to include parts of the data (e.g. geolocation, address)
    2. Violeta will ask about the data issues at ROR and gets back to the ontology IG.
    3. We have to separate data from ontology, but we have to be able to integrate several data sources.
  5. Other


  • VIVO Conference: Ontology IG agrees with the topic suggestionns for the CfP
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