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Friday, August 30 at 11:00 pm EST

SG members

(star) Mike Conlon, Anna Guillaumet, Doug Hahn Dong Joon (DJ) LeeSteven McCauley,   Julia Trimmer , Terrie Wheeler


Erin Tripp, Andrew Woods


Violeta Ilik, Virginia (Ginny) Pannabecker

(star) = note taker

Connection Information

To join the online meeting:


  1. Combined EFS and VIVO event prospectus (Julia, 15 minutes) PDF available here:  EFSVIVO prospectus v3 edited.pdf
    1. questions about revenue.  What is projected revenue from all sources.
    2. questions about synergy
    3. positive about FIU
    4. vendors likely to overlap, so perhaps no new revenue
    5. effort for organizing?  New effort from the Expert Finder people.  New effort from FIU.
    6. Connecting expert finding organizations at the state level to academic expertise
    7. Doug: perfectly fine. DJ: plus/minus. Likes the idea of combining.  Liked the EFS conference.  Mike: Leaning positive.  Revenue and break even should be addressed.  Would be good to invite FIU people.  Anna:  Important regarding branding.  Is it a VIVO conference?  Julie: Co-located.  Anna: A bit confusing.  Terrie: Is there a hotel?  Possibly Airbnb?  Save money?  Can we have net revenue? Steve: Okay with moving forward.  Networking important.  Perhaps developer focused meetings could be spilt off and refocus the conference on higher issues related to research networking and expert finding.  Erin:  Worth trying something new.  Conference difficult the last two years.  Be careful of message that conference is North American.
  2. Call for agenda items at the conference LG meeting (Julia, 5 minutes). Draft agenda is on the wiki here.  If you have items, please see the wiki.
  3. Proposals to discuss.  PDF available here:  190830 VIVO Steering Ideas and Proposals.pdf
    1. Buddy system for new LG members (Erin, 10 minutes). Steve is a new member of LG and SG, but Steve is not new to the project.  Mike: Sounds good.  Someone should talk to Steve.  Steve:  Sounds good.  Anna: Beginning was difficult.  The group was already formed, but people provided help.  Julia was very helpful.  A good experience for me.
    2. Potential help with membership (Erin, 10 minutes).  Erin: 10% of David and 10% of Michele supporting membership.  What do members value?  We had membership at risk.  We have very limited resources on membership.  How can load be shared with membership task force?  Mike:  we have 23 members of 51 sites.  That is outstanding member participation.  Julia:  Membership would focus on retention and engagement and asking members what they value?  Erin: Can this group participate in some way?  Doug:  Need help translating up the line to upper management.  Need to sell it every year.  Terrie:  Our leadership sees VIVO has cheap – only $20K.  Mike:  Agree, Health Centers spend millions on dozens of things.  Agree that understanding the value proposition for upper management is the most important thing we can do.  Erin: Terrie's experience speaks to being fully sold on VIVO.  
    3. Adding Erin/ Director of DCSP as a voting member to the LG (Erin, 10 minutes).  Mike:  Dilution of membership benefits could be raised.  I would abstain from any motion to add voting members of LG that are not members of the organization. Terrie:  is there a rationale for adding Erin as a voting member?  Erin:  All stakeholders should have voting representation.  The home is a stakeholder and has the same stake as the members.  Doug:  can go to leader.  Mike: Agree. Anna, Terrie, DJ: Agree.  Steve: Agree.
  4. Erin’s upcoming leave (Erin, 10 minutes).  Later in September.  Canadian leave – will be out for six months.  Laurie and Robert will attend and will be familiar with budget.


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