VIVO Conference proposals due this Wednesday, May 15.  The VIVO Conference call for proposals will be open through this Wednesday, May 15.  The conference will be held September 4-6, 2019 in Podgorica, Montenegro.  Proposals are very welcome for presentations, posters, panels, and workshops.  Proposals are welcome on all aspects of the open representation of scholarship, data regarding scholarship, and the use of that data to improve scholarship.  We hope to receive your proposal!

EuroCRIS  Several VIVO people are heading to the EuroCRIS 2019 meeting in Helsinki, Finland, May 27-29.  Please let us know if you are planning to attend.  We're always eager to meet and chat about VIVO!

VIVO Scholar Update presentation.  From the vivo-community email list dated May 9:

Hi VIVO Community,

The VIVO Scholar Task Force is working on a new, lightweight, read-only front end for VIVO, based largely on the discovery and foundational work of the Product Evolution Task Force, which recently wrapped up.

Please join us for an open, town-hall style meeting on Thursday, May 16 at 11 eastern. Connection information is here: We’ll fill you in on what we’re doing now and what we’re planning, so bring your questions about VIVO Scholar.

Future VIVO Scholar town hall meetings will be held roughly every 8 weeks at the same time: June 11, September 12, October 31, January 9, February 20

Hope to talk to you next week!

Julia Trimmer
Chair, VIVO Leadership and Steering Group

Director, Faculty Systems and Analysis
Duke University in Durham, NC
Explore Duke’s amazing faculty and researchers in Scholars@Duke.

OpenRefine presentation  Christian Hauschke of TIB Hannover will present on OpenRefine, a tool for cleaning data and transforming it for VIVO and other purposes.  TIB Hannover uses OpenRefine extensively.  The presentation will be this Thursday, May 16, 10 AM US Eastern Time during the Ontology Interest Group meeting.  Connection information is here:

Internationalization  The Internationalization Task Force is starting up again to discuss requirements (see VIVO i18n task force - requirements) for the VIVO interface and build on work done by our international sites.  The group will meet on June 4 at 10 AM US Eastern Time.  Connect here:

Calls this week  The VIVO Calendar has calls for the week.  Check it out!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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