Conference call for proposals deadline extended to May 1  The 10th annual VIVO Conference will be held in Podgorica, Montenegro, September 4-6, 2019.  This is our first conference in Europe!  The conference will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues in the VIVO community, discuss development, ontology, implementation and other work.  The conference is interested in all work related to the representation, presentation and reuse of data regarding scholarship.  Workshop proposals, posters, presentation, panels and other formats are all welcome.  Please submit your proposal.  See the Call for Proposals.

Open Research Analytics (OPERA) The Danish Electronic Research Library hosted a workshop March 28, on open research analytics.  This continuing effort to develop open research analytics based on open sources and open representation as with VIVO data.  So many VIVO people and presentations!  Work on network analysis and presentation, research impact, metrics, open science support and much more.  See

VIVO Scholar Task Force  The VIVO Scholar Task Force, a new VIVO project effort being led by Duke University has a goal of creating a new, optional, performant, internationalized, accessible, read-only interface for VIVO sites running VIVO 1.10 and above.  The task force addresses goal 1 in the Product Direction for 2019.  See VIVO Scholar Task Force 

Calls this week  Here's the calls for this week.  All are welcome.  All calls use Zoom video conferencing.  All have agendas in the wiki and have news in the wiki following the meeting.  All times are US eastern.  See Meeting Times Around the World for local timers.  We hope you can join a meeting that interests you!  Newcomers are always welcome.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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