VIVO Annual Report This year, for the first time, the VIVO Project has produced a professional annual report.  Thanks the community for a fabulous year.  And to Julia Trimmer, Violeta Ilik, for putting it together, and toAnna Guillaumet and SIGMA for a beautiful graphic design.  The report is a two page PDF with covers that can be printed for distribution or emailed to those with an interest in VIVO.  You can find the report here:  Please share!

Update from Product Evolution. The Product Evolution Task Force has an update on its activities.  You can find the update here: Product Evolution Update March 1, 2019  The group meets each week.  See details below.

CTSA Ontology Workshop  I had the great pleasure to attend the annual Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) ontology workshop.  Hosted by Dr. Bill Hogan of the University of Florida, featuring Dr. Barry Smith, University of Buffalo, creator of the Basic Formal Ontology, Dr. Chris Stoeckert of the University of Pennsylvania, Janna Hastings Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK, and many other prominent ontologists, the workshop offered an opportunity to share current work in the development of ontologies for precision medicine and other areas of interest.  The OBO Foundry is central to the work of these ontologists, providing a set of design principles and best development practices for ontology.  OBO is planning an "OBO Core" consisting of terms commonly used in OBO ontologies to avoid duplication and standardize representation. Notes and presentations from the workshop are available here:

National Forum on Expert Finder Systems  This past week, several VIVO community members attended the inaugural National Forum on Expert Finder Systems.  Keynotes by Robert McDonald of the University of Colorado, Boulder and Noshir Contractor of Northwestern University both referenced VIVO for its semantics, linked open data, and leadership in the field. Julia TrimmerAlex Viggiohannah sommersMike ConlonEric MeeksSimon Porter , and Ann Beynon all attended.  The conference was small (70 attendees), but included a broad range of those interested in systems such as VIVO, along with industry, commercial and government people using such systems to make connections between industry and academia.  The conferenced was organized by Florida ExpertNet.  Elsevier was a platinum sponsor.  Mike's presentation is available here:

Calls this week Another busy week in VIVO Land.  All times are US Eastern.  Follow the meeting links for connection/call-in details.  All meetings use Zoom, a free download available here: Meeting reminders and agendas are typically posted to VIVO Slack.  Join VIVO Slack here: 

The VIVO Google Calendar is available here:  You can add it to your calendars so you are always up to date on upcoming meetings and events!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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