VIVO Conference at the JB Duke Hotel  The Ninth Annual International VIVO Conference will be held June 6-8, 2018 at the JB Duke Hotel on the campus of Duke University.  The conference has obtained a fabulous rate for conference attendees.  The rate includes breakfast and lunch each day, and dinner Thursday night.  Be sure to stay at the JB Duke to take advantage of all conference activities, the fabulous discount rate, included meals, and top notch hotel amenities.  Staying at the hotel helps the project and you, as you will have more time to spend with your VIVO colleagues.  It's simple, just register.  And while you are registering, you can submit a proposal for the conference – share your work as a presentation, a poster, a panel, a workshop.  We hope to see you at the JB Duke!

Two wikis  Did you know we have two wikis?  Yes, we do.

  • The Community Wiki, also known as the VIVO wiki, is here:  The community wiki supports you and the project by providing information about VIVO, and the VIVO Project.  It has more than 1,700 pages and can be overwhelming.  But take a look around.  Click through some of the headings in the left hand menu.  Follow some of the links on the main page.  You will find information on how the project works, how it is supported, how it is organized, resources for participants in the project, historical information, and quite a bit more.  If you find something in the wiki that could be improved, improve it.  Seriously.  It's easy.  Get an account if you don't already have one, read Maintaining the VIVO Wiki, and then edit pages.  Editing the wiki is a great way to get involved with the project. Do you have ideas to share about wiki organization, or questions about where particular information can be found? Post a question to
  • The Documentation Wiki, also known as the technical documentation, is here:  Unlike the community wiki, the documentation wiki is focused on the current version of the VIVO and Vitro software (there are previous versions of the documentation wiki available for previous versions of VIVO and Vitro).  The documentation wiki is organized like a technical manual and can be printed as single PDF.  Some sections of the documentation are placeholders, indicated by asterisks.  If you are using the technical documentation and see something that can be improved, please consider improving it.  See the VIVO documentation style guide, get an account, and participate in the improvement of the documentation.  Have a question about something in the documentation, post a question to

Apps and Tools Catalog  Did you know we have a catalog of open source applications and tools that the community has built for use with VIVO and Vitro?  You can find the catalog in the community wiki here:  You will also find in the left hand menu of the community wiki here:  It's right there below Community Pages and above VIVO Project Governance (those are also interesting parts of the wiki that you may want to explore).  Do you have a tool to share with the VIVO community?  Perhaps it is already shared in GitHub.  We'd like to hear more.  Visit the Apps and Tools Catalog and add your tool to share it!

Apps and Tools call Thursday Speaking of Apps and Tools, the Apps and Tools Interest Group will have a call this Thursday at 1 PM. Sarbajit Dutta will demonstrate JenaConnect, a tool developed at Weill Cornell Medicine to significantly improve VIVO data ingest.



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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