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Webex link is here.



  1. A description of the scope of VIVO and its ontologies in content & quality.  In order to ensure that the scope is well-defined, it might help to collect local ontology extensions from individual implementations and see if there is a common need that VIVO doesn't address.
  2. Develop a process for reporting ontology needs.  Currently there are several places this might be done.  We should have a place that is sufficient for the work and can be shared broadly.
  3. Make two ontology changes (one relatively easy, and one that would require a change in the software) and then deliver a technical plan and a communication plan to support these changes.


  1. Recap and updates
  2. Update on state of VIVO-ISF, VIVO ontology elements
  3. Process for making changes – see Ontology Change Process (draft)
  4. Plans for meeting at the conference


Notes available here:

Action items

  1. Create a viable VIVO-ISF master containing VIVO ontologies (in progress)

  2. Create a group of committers and reviewers (in  progress)

  3. Create a folder of exported VIVO ontology files.  Mike Conlon Done.  See

  4. Triage and move issues from community repository to the master repository

  5. Javed to present his ontology for tracking ontology changes at a future meeting

  6. Explore track changes in Web protege

  7. Explore Robot tool (actively supported) for VIVO extraction -- clone their repo and run their tests

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  1. I am sorry, this is never a good time for me, it is right when I have to leave the office. One hour earlier would do the trick for me, or I have to rely on Christian to keep me up to date. This week he is on holiday, though. (And I am on holiday on the 31st of July and on the 14th of August.)