InfLibNet National VIVO Workshop, Gandhinagar, India, Aug 16-18   The Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET), Inter-University Centre of UGC, Gandhinagar is organizing "Three-day National Workshop on VIVO Faculty Profile Management System and Discovery’’ 16- 18th August 2017 at INFLIBNET Centre, Infocity, Gandhinagar, India.  More about the workshop here:  Online registration:

Implementing VIVO?  We have some resources that might help:

  • Planning a VIVO Implementation is a section of the VIVO wiki focused on issues that arise in using VIVO as an enterprise system to represent scholarship.  Written by VIVO experts, the material covers project management, outreach and engagement, data management, and technical development.  A glossary of common VIVO terms is included to get you started.
  • The Implementation Interest Group meets every four weeks, and will meet this Thursday at 1 PM US Eastern time.  The group discusses implementation issues and checks in on the status of implementations currently underway.  Here's a webex link:  All are welcome!
  • VIVO Camp is a 2.5 day ticketed event with hands on training in VIVO implementation.  We are considering a VIVO Camp in the Raleigh Durham area November 9-11.  If this would be of interest to you and your site, please drop me a note.

Managing Organizations  Many VIVO sites use VIVO to maintain the organizational structure of their site using VIVO.  VIVO provides the means to indicate the types of organizations – colleges, departments, divisions, and many others, and the means to indicate that one organization is part of another.  Managing organizations is a good training use case – one can see how data is represented – both data properties (attributes of the organizations such as name) and object properties (connections between objects).  We have a new complete worked example of managing organizations in The VIVO 1.9.x Documentation.  See Managing Organization Hierarchy

Open Repositories followup  Open Repositories is an annual conference bringing together people work on repositories based on open source software such as Dspace, Fedora, and VIVO.  The conference was held in Brisbane Australia June 26-30.  Graham Triggs and Mike Conlon attended along with Andrew Woods, Tim Donohue, Erin Tripp, and Debra Kurtz of Duraspace.  We had a poster and a presentation, both available via OpenVIVO.  The conference is a great opportunity to discuss VIVO with people in the community and those new to VIVO.  In particular, we had very productive conversations with Mark Fallu of the University of Melbourne, Tom Cramer of Stanford, Amir Aryani of the Australian National Data Service, Rick Johnson of Notre Dame and OSF, and many others.

The open repository community is growing in its interest in open data, open access, open science, open metadata, common identifiers, linked data, and interests in institutional representation of scholarship.  Duraspace is a sponsor of the conference and has many roles of the years in fostering the growth and continuance of this community.  Next year's conference will be at Montana State University in Bozeman Montana, June 4-7, 2018.  See 

Vitro Page  Want to use Vitro without VIVO?  Vitro is a general purpose semantic web data hosting and ontology editing platform.  VIVO is built on Vitro, but you can use Vitro all by itself to manage any kind of data for which you have an ontology.  See

VIVO Conference, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York City, Aug 2-4  17 days until the VIVO Conference.  See you all there!



Mike Conlon 
VIVO Project Director

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